Horse Shoe Goa Restaurant Review

Just 5 minutes away from Viva Panjim, you can walk down to Horse Shoe in Fontainhas. Owned by Vasco, Horse Shoe is an Indo-Portuguese restaurant, that must feature in your trip to Goa. If you do pay Horse Shoe a visit, then don’t miss their mouth melting Chocolate Mousse and Sans Rival (made of cashew nuts, cream, and eggs) and black coffee.

We dropped by at Horse Shoe in the evening after our Heritage Walk in Panjim and the Chocolate Mousse, Sans Rival and black coffee combination sealed in the good memories in our hearts.

Quite an upmarket restaurant, Horse Shoe is an ideal spot for a quaint anniversary celebration. It is said, during courtship if a young man brings his lady love to Horse Shoe to proclaim his love for her, that means he is serious about her. Nice thought, isn’t it?

On that note, we savoured the deserts and browsed through the menu. Horse Shoe has some of the most exotic international dishes to offer, including popular Goan relishes. We hope that once again we get to visit this fantastic restaurant and get to taste some of the best cuisines that Panjim has to offer at Horse Shoe.


Horse Shoe,
Restaurant and Bar
Rua De Ourem,
Phone: 0832-2451788/ 5644044

For Rediff.com, 28th February, 2008.

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