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Aroma Magic – The journey of the ‘Earth to Bottle’

As you’re aware that The Lifestyle Portal is a big fan of all things natural, organic, handmade and healthy – be it food, beauty or lifestyle products, so here we are featuring one of our favourite beauty brands that promotes a green, healthy and a natural way of looking beautiful and staying youthful – Aroma Magic.

Looking beautiful is just a tip of the iceberg; you need to feel beautiful in order to look beautiful to the world outside.

Feeling beautiful is a choice as it has nothing to do with age, a colour of skin or profession. If you love yourself and take out time to care for your body and mind, the beauty will show.

So if you’ve just had a baby or a busy corporate woman with no time for yourself, then the natural freshness in an Aroma Magic skincare product is just for you.

The Lifestyle Portal is sincerely thankful to Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson-Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies for taking out time to have a small tête-à-tête about her journey and why she chose to bring out an all-natural skincare product for our readers.

When did it all begin?

“My childhood was spent on the coffee plantations with my very large family; everything we consumed was organically grown and taken from the earth. It has been more than 30 years that I’m keenly involved in the search of beauty solutions that had the same green and natural life-giving philosophy that I grew up with – ‘What we apply should be as healing and natural as what we eat’. But, such products were difficult to find and so a thought stemmed up in my mind,” recalls Dr. Kochhar.

So she decided to create an honest, truthful and natural product on the core basis of Green Science; a holistic approach to beauty and inner healing through the harmony of mind, body and soul.

Dr. Kocchar realised the need to have a scientific system backing it by stitching together the science and art of Aromatherapy and Terratherapy to create a pure product with 35% concentrates of essential oils and organic extracts.

She further adds, “Their potency is immeasurable, and that’s why I vouch that the products create effective, measurable and noticeable results. The little idea gave birth to Aroma Magic – a result of an immense amount of hard work, sleepless nights and a life long journey of studying, experimenting, blending and creating. I vouch that my product will help your skin and add a sense of confidence, inner beauty, happiness and resilience. You will be as delighted in using the product as I was while creating it.”

And we at The Lifestyle Portal vouch for it too, as we have personally used Aroma Magic beauty products and have discovered a certain youthful freshness that was long missing.

Challenges faced

Started in 1987, Blossom Kochhar Group pioneered by Dr. Kochhar herself relentlessly pushed the barriers for what she believed.

She remembers,“ We started by going to a salon, then education cosmetics, spas and franchise. From being a beautician, I have now created a beauty empire to cater to the needs and wants of our customers.”

First product to be launched by Aroma Magic

Ever since the first product the Almond Nourishing Cream was officially launched in 1992 there has been no looking back as Aroma Magic has been constantly creating beauty care products for the women of the world.

What makes Aroma Magic so unique?

Aroma Magic products are created with natural essential oils, without infusing any harsh chemicals, colouring and unnecessary synthetics and their philosophy of ‘EARTH to BOTTLE’ is a promise of the best natural ingredients for body and skin care.

“If you are looking to lead a healthy life, in the long run, choosing natural based products is imperative. By choosing AROMA MAGIC, you are using ingredients that work with natural systems of your skin.

Natural skin care impels that the products are made of ingredients derived directly from plants (based on Terratherapy and Aromatherapy) that do not contain any synthetic preservatives or additives.

So the next time you’re planning to get a new face wash or a crème for your face, try an Earth to Bottle product from Aroma Magic and treat your skin to a whole new healthy regime.

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