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Sponsored Contest: ‘What’s your Sari Quotient?’

To celebrate the happy occasion of all the new years that marks the beginning of a new season and new hopes – Poila Boishaak, Vishu, Ugaadi, Baisakhi et al – The Lifestyle Portal brings to you a fun and simple contest sponsored by Devi.

This is a quick contest – starting today Monday 15th April and will run until 3pm on Wednesday 17th April for all our readers in India.

The results will be announced as soon as we find our three lucky winners!

So get your thinking caps on and tuck in that pallu as the first three correct answers will be in for some gorgeous saris exclusively sponsored by Devi.


First Prize : Silk Sari worth Rs. 6,000/-

Second Prize : Silk Cotton Sari worth Rs. 3,000/-

Third Prize : Cotton Sari worth Rs. 2,000/-

Contest Rules:

1. To take part you have to ‘Like’ Devi’s and The Lifestyle Portal’s Facebook pages respectively.

2. Only one entry per person (email address/ ip address/ name) will be allowed.

3. This contest will run from 15th April (Monday) until 17th April (Wednesday), 3pm.

4. Entries sent in after 3pm on 17th April (Wed) will not be accepted.

5. Send in your correct answers to and

6. Send in your answers with Question A and Question B neatly mentioned.

7. Please mention your full name, address, phone nos. in your email.

8. Winners will be required to send in a picture of them wearing or posing with their prize!

9. This contest is exclusively meant for our readers in India only.

So, are you ready for the contest? Here goes…

~ ‘What’s your Sari Quotient?’ Contest by Devi ~

A fun and simple contest for all. All you need to do is visit and ‘LIKE’ the page and email us your answers in the same order as the questions.

 Question A

Name the states where the following traditional paintings have their roots:

a) Phad

b) Gond

c) Warli

d) Patua

e) Pahari

f) Pichwai

g) Tanjore

h) Patachitra

i) Madhubani/Mithila

Question B

Name the dance forms and the states that they originate in by the draping style of the saris. Please note that in today’s world, the dance costumes are pre-stitched most often than not.

[Send in your correct answers for the following images in this format (Image 1 – answer) All in numbered bullet points.]

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

 Image 5

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