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Branded Bargains – The Pre-Owned Luxury Goods Store

Reap the advantage of selling your old designer goods with a chance of recovering some money on them; or buy those luxury products you’ve always dreamed of owning- all under one roof! So do you have an old LouisVuitton and a Chanel bag in your cupboard which you aren’t using anymore and they are just occupying precious wardrobe space? Or, do you want to buy a nice pair of Christian Louboutin shoes but you always postpone the buy with a mere look at the price tag?

Head to Branded Bargains a one of its kind upscale boutique where you can buy, consign and sell pre-owned branded and designer goods! A unique shopping concept- Branded Bargains allows you to sell your last season (s) goods which are of no interest to you anymore and at the same time it offers a fantastic opportunity of purchasing authentic luxury goods at great prices.

A doting wife and a mother to her beautiful 9-year-old daughter, Sarrah, 33-year-old, Mumbai based Fatema Lokhandwala recently launched Branded Bargains in the city creating this whole new unforgettable shopping experience!

How did it all begin?

“I have a huge circle of friends, some being from the upper crust of the society, and some who have the thirst for branded goods and the good life, but wallets that don’t match! This made me realize the difference in shopping habits of women in general, i.e. some have way too much, and some have none. That’s when the idea occurred to me, that it would be an ideal situation, if the women who had too much, passed on their used (but in mint condition) or last season buys to those who want to own a brand but are not too season conscious, it would be an ideal situation for both,” explains Fatema.

The sellers get back a portion of the money they spent on these expensive items, and the buyers get to buy high-end fashion brands at affordable prices. It is an effort to make the two ends meet!

“Branded Bargains is the result of shuffling through a plethora of options to find my calling and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!” beams Fatema.

Initial investments

When she started out with Branded Bargains, Fatema’s initial and most important investment was her time and effort in gauging and trying to make the concept of sale of pre-owned branded goods acceptable!

She adds, “My investments also included funds towards the store space, website and necessities that I needed to get started with the business. In terms of growth, I would say that I have a lot more inventory, client confidence and satisfaction, and a whole lot of people accepting the concept very open mindedly!”

The Branding

Fatema wanted a brand name that would be easy to remember, and easier to relate to and hence the name – Branded Bargains. It’s very obvious when one hears the name, that the business must have something to do with Brands that are available at great Bargains!

“I think people have related to the brand very well. It’s your one of a kind upscale affordable luxury consignment boutique, where you will find some of the world’s most famous names in fashion under one roof,” mentions Fatema.

Challenges faced

One of the most common challenges that Fatema faces in her work, is the conservative mindset of people as the concept of ‘pre-owned’ is still a taboo for some of us. She adds, “It is my constant endeavour to make people realise the benefits attached to buying something that’s so exclusive even though it may be pre owned. Also, there is the question of authenticity, which again, like I explain to them, is not an area of concern for the buyers at all. ALL the goods in my store are authentic and are in a great condition.”


Branded Bargain’s long list of clients include acutely fashion conscious women from the elite society of our city, to the aspirational shoppers. These include women between the ages of 16 to 65, some working, some homemakers and some even CEO’s of reputed companies.

“Yes, my clients also include celebrities too, but unfortunately, I cannot name a single one of my clients, due to the confidentiality clause that is one of the most important features of my business. None of my seller’s or buyer’s information will ever go beyond her and me,” says Fatema.

What makes Branded Bargains so unique?

The USP of Branded Bargains is that it is the only one of its kind in the city. The concept in itself is unique; it’s an opportunity for the sellers to earn some money in return for their clutter, it’s an opportunity for the buyers to buy some of the best brands at almost half the original prices, and it’s all happening at an approachable store in the heart of the city!

Authenticating a Brand

Fatema admits, “Authentication of the goods is the most important step before consigning. I personally authenticate every item before accepting it for consignment. If I have the slightest doubt, I don’t accept it. The goods are only accepted for consigning if they are in mint condition.”

Also, at the time of consigning, the sellers have to sign an agreement that states that the goods are authentic and original. That makes the authenticity of the goods full proof. “Breach of trust in this agreement can only land the sellers into a lot of trouble,” adds Fatema.


The price is determined on the basis of the brand, the size, the condition of the product and the selling price is decided by the seller. “I advise in situations of over quoting or under quoting of a product’s price. Once the seller has decoded on a price acceptable buy her/him, I mark up the price to earn my commission,” adds Fatema.


Presently, Branded Bargains operates only from its store located at Fort, in Mumbai. You can access their website which has information about the concept and the brands available at the store. You would have to visit the store personally to buy, or sell.

Getting in touch

To get in touch with Fatema, all it requires is a call to make an appointment, followed by a visit to the store to authenticate and consign your goods at a price that suits your liking. You can also visit the site at to get more inputs.

What’s your story?

Started something new just like Branded Bargains? If you have a success story to share just like Fatema, write to us with a short bio and profile of yourself and your venture, to get featured on our website.

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  • hetal

    Where can I see your collection .

  • Neha Chauhari

    I like the concept of Pre-owned luxury buy and sell. It’s a win-win deal for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can sell their luxury goods which they are not using anymore and the buyer can get a luxury item at less price which is in good quality and mostly items have no sign of use.
    The concept is well accepted in Indian market too, there are numerous websites working on same.
    I recently ordered a Louis Vuitton handbag from and was amazed to their service. The product is like New and has all the documents inside the package.
    So I’ll say, why to invest in New when you can get the same at half price.


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