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Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

We liked this blog for its refreshing take on fashion. It’s a personal account that’s frightfully brave and honest. Fashion is something that is ever changing and very personal. It is something that can be messed up very easily and if the right combinations are made can make you look stunning.

The Delhi Fashion Blogger is where you can get all your fashion and shopping queries answered in a jiffy with lots of style tips and tricks thrown in. The best part is, it’s all tried and tested, with no gimmicks and we at The Lifestyle Portal like the honesty that comes through.

We chatted with 23-year-old Delhi-based Komal Khulbe, the owner of The Delhi Fashion Blogger who holds a Masters degree in English Literature and is heavily into freelance writing and fashion blogging.

She’s like the agony aunt of fashion who has all the answers to your fashion emergency – from where to buy, what to buy, exploring new shopping places and helping you in new ways of styling.

“One’s identity is constantly changing. I am a fashion blogger but I also blog about other things I truly believe in. I grew up believing that women are not born inferior to men and I will go an extra mile to make people understand that,” feels Komal.

She further adds, “It is hard to make people question what has been fed to them as facts since childhood: Women like pink and men like blue. Sexist notions are integrated into each and everyone one of us, someone needs to shake them, someone needs to ask why and I am more than happy to do so!”

How did it all begin?

“I am a fashion blogger because I am interested in fashion and it is aesthetically appealing. I know it is a cliché but fashion is art, it is an act of creation. Anyone that says otherwise does not know how much energy and imagination goes into creating a garment. You need a good eye to analyse a garment, the same as a painting. I also write because I truly believe that fashion is a serious business and people need to know that,” mentions Komal.

It all started out with a blog called jewellery analysis in 2009 owing to her fascination with jewels. Komal wrote mostly about jewellery and other personal topics but wasn’t happy with the outcome.

She says, “I knew about some fashion blogs working hard on trend analysis and educating readers on the serious and real side of fashion like I also saw some people brave enough to have personal style blogs like stylefashion etc but there were no blogs to help you in a fashion emergency!”

Since most fashion blogs did not mention where to buy what, did a little exploring of new shopping places and helping in new ways of styling, Komal decided to take this up and went ahead with her gut feeling and changed the name of her blog to The Delhi Fashion Blogger.

The research involved

Komal conducts her fashion research right from scratch. While friends and readers inform her of new places they find interesting to shop in the city, she keeps her eyes and ears open and a whole lot of walking in the sun after college.

“The trend analysis is done from scratch as well; I don’t like to take the information from any magazine or website because I would be taking their version of the story and I like to give the readers my version and vision.  I do go through all the pictures from the fashion week when they come out and only then the trend reports go live,” explains Komal.

Store talk

This is one of the challenges that Komal faces during her research and review spree of a new store in town.

She shares, “There is something seriously wrong with stores in India. Whenever I approach a store that has reasonably priced yet awesome products, they decline graciously about clicking pictures and I have no idea why they do it but that makes me click spy pictures! Brands do approach me to do showroom reviews but it is always mentioned in the post if I had an invitation.”

Where does it begin?

As we are already aware the fashion and shopping are as vast as the ocean, the challenge is where does one begin their research from.

Komal tells us that the season’s trends are derived from the fashion weeks. A good research on the subject is the starting point. Then you see all the fashionable brands making something similar. It trickles down to the local shops in a span of six months. It’s a web of sorts and the epitome is the runaway!

Favourite accessory

“Fashion accessory would change every season and if you ask about my own personal style then I think Tan kolhapuris never go out of fashion at least for me and I am also crazy for anything in sterling silver,” smiles Komal.

Creating your own jewellery

In the course of our conservation, we learnt that Komal also runs a gorgeous online jewellery shop that recently turned one on 9th June 2012!

“I love jewellery and have an online jewellery store called The Damsel Komal Shop. All the jewellery is made, packed and sent by me. I love to experiment with all sorts of materials which are not overrated. I like to create jewellery with metal and porcelain; beads don’t intrigue me much since they are overused in the Indian jewellery market”, adds Komal.

Five major fashion faux pas

We ask Komal about the five major fashion faux pas we tend to make knowingly or unknowingly. This is what she has to share with our readers:

[scg_html_choclate] Wearing the wrong fit – Try to always fit it to your body type and shape.

[scg_html_choclate] Wearing the right thing at the wrong time – People assume that being fashionable is being over the top with their ensemble. You have to always keep in mind the place and event you’re attending. Going to college in high heels is not really a great idea and wearing chappals to a lavish event is not so prudent.

[scg_html_choclate] Matching everything – If you are wearing a red dress then don’t style yourself with everything red. Always have accessories in gold, silver and bronze tones. They save you on a bad “matching” day.

[scg_html_choclate] The bandwagon effect – A lot of women do what others are doing without even realising that it does not suite them. Try to be different, take risks, style yourself the way you like it and not according to the trends you see others following. The majority of the times the women around you follow the last season’s trends which have now trickled down to the movies and local shops, try to be a bit ahead, always do your research.

[scg_html_choclate] Dress for yourself – Fashion is very subjective and can change from one season to the other. It is a strict line of what is on the runway at the present and what isn’t. To follow it, might be very difficult but that is where personal style comes in. What you wear was in fashion at one time but your pick has your personality and that is why you choose it. Dressing for yourself is very important, the way you dress is your expression of yourself for the people around you. Two people cannot have the exact same personality and style. You need to always make sure that you are dressing for yourself, you are trying to put yourself out there.

Best way to accessorise

“The first rule is to see if you are comfortable with it, nothing ruins your style more than an uncomfortable you, explains Komal.

She further explains, “The colours should always compliment your skin tone and if you are willing to experiment, the colours should contrast. Once you have your basics right, you can accommodate some statement accessories. Invest in good tan shoes and bags; they can be styled with everything. Once that is done invest in bold coloured envelope clutches and neon high heels which make your whole outfit a knocker!”

Mix and Match

Komal’s eyes light up when we ask her about the idea and concept of mix and match, “I love the mix and match styling. I personally style my boring and plain kurtas with a thick silver tone link chain. The feminine touch of the kurta contrasts with the necklace and make a very stylish ensemble. If you want to make a statement, always try to pair contrasting things. A feminine blouse with a grunge necklace will definitely brighten up your ensemble.”

Now that you’ve gone through our chat with Komal you will know exactly why The Delhi Fashion Blogger is worth checking out and taking those very important and vital fashion tips that could go a long way!

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  • Excellent interview.
    Loved the questions and answers. I know about Komal since quite long and have been following her youtube channel and even blog but I could have never imagined the hard work she puts into everything. Like who actually does research when there are fashion analysts sitting out there and churning out reports? Usually bloggers don’t but of course, this difference has made her unique in the field.


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