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ShilpsNutrilife Health Management – Your Guide to a Balanced Health

Dieting is always an unpleasant experience because most of the time it is associated with not being able to relish all the delicious food. The moment we decide to go on a diet, that’s the time we want to eat all the tempting and so-called ‘unhealthy’ food items.

That’s when we start dreaming about the gooey chocolate cake from the local bakery, the cheesy pizza slice with that extra ham topping or even those delicious french fries that lustfully invite us at the fast food joints.

Dieting is more than just punishing our mind and body; it has more to it than just wanting to lose weight. It is about creating that balance within our mind and body so that we lead a healthier lifestyle.

True, we cannot look like a million bucks like our Bollywood superstars, but we can try to be healthy first and eventually look amazing. It is only when we are healthy from within will we look amazing from without.

We chatted with 38-year-old Shilpa Mittal, the founder of Nutrilife Health Management, who’s a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition with more than 12 years of experience in the field. She has been working relentlessly in the field of total health management where she guides people to lead a healthy lifestyle both in mind and body and runs a successful health blog as well.

She launched ShilpsNutilife in 2010 with the aim of providing a complete nutrition and lifestyle makeover for people who wish to make that positive change.

How did it all begin?

“When I started with freelancing and conducting seminars in schools and corporates, I realised that only diet is not enough, people needed counselling and motivation to stick to it. I had to go beyond just the diet, and so I started with lifestyle counselling as well. With simple and small changes in our existing lifestyle along with diet, we can make a big difference in our life and that’s how I started with Nutrilife Health Management to cater to individual needs and requirements,” says Shilpa.

Challenges faced

She launched her company pooling in all her resources required for rent, deposit, stationary, advertising, but feels that her time was the greatest investment made for her venture. With the aim of providing a total health solution for lifetime, she started full-fledged balancing home and work with ease with a lot of support from her mother in law and her husband.

But in all this one of the main challenges that she faced was that a lot of clients visit her after a series of failed attempts of self-dieting. “These are the times when it is so difficult to explain to them that they need to eat to lose weight and not starve or crash diet. Most of the doctors do not prefer dietitians and recommend them only when the condition has reached far off. A client will come easily to a dietician if the doctor refers,” explains Shilpa.

But this too doesn’t come easy as she is of the opinion that, “It is very difficult to get in touch with the concerned people to convince them about conducting such workshops. Most of them refuse especially at schools saying they have a lot other important things to do. It is also difficult to contact parents to get involved as well. But constant follow ups with general practioners, school and corporate authorities, periodic emails and advertisements have helped me to take the aim of Nutrilife Health Management forward.”

This has been one of the main reasons why Shilpa feels the need to conduct workshops across schools and colleges to spread awareness about correct eating and lifestyle habits.

What makes Nutrilife Health Management so unique

Nutrilife Health Management offers a permanent solution be it weight loss or weight gain or medical conditions like diabetes, BP, arthritis, thyroid by going to the root cause. It aims to provide you with a makeover with a proper diet and lifestyle changes with no crash diet, no pills, no starvation but a balanced customized diet that includes the correct combination of protein, fats and carbs.

Through Nutrilife Health Management, Shilpa organizes interactive seminars for parents, that teaches them about nutritional needs of children and how they as a role model can set a healthy example by eating healthy. Workshops are based on various themes like iron rich recipes, healthy tiffin, healthy eating in daily life.

Health Assessment for Kids

Nutrilife Health Management conducts health assessment for kids by creating a customised health card that records their height, weight, age and a medical problem if any. Then an activity-based food pyramid is also given to kids, which analyses and specifies according to their activity the proportion of food that they should consume from each food group everyday.

Theme based corporate health camps and workshops

“I conduct theme based corporate health camps based on diabetes, BP, food for brain, stress buster, women’s health etc. which consists of presentations, games and a quiz which helps them to analyze where they stand currently. I also conduct one to one diet consultation session with them which includes general history, medical history, their routine, schedule, likes, dislikes, meals at home outside, culture, fat percentage, BMI, BMR, blood reports if any, based on all these parameters a customized diet is planned.”

Understanding the concept of Diet

Shilpa is of the opinion that diet in today’s scenario means eating only fruits, salads, juice, low carbs, high protein etc. Women go to great lengths to get that skinny look by starving, using diet pills, vomiting, skipping meals, which can have frightening effect on health like hair fall, irregular periods, dry skin, mood swings, thinning of bones, insomnia, weakness.

“The so-called ‘zero figure’ that everyone wants to attain can be considered anorexic when unhealthy methods of weight control like vomiting, laxatives and skipping meals are resorted to,” adds Shilpa.

At the end she concludes, “Following a diet does not mean starvation, I would rather put it this way it is a healthy makeover of your body internally whose fruits you will cherish throughout your life. Don’t go on a DIET to loose weight but EAT RIGHT, i.e. what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.


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