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To many of us, writing comes easily and without much effort; but for some, it could be a daunting task. You may have a passion to write, but somewhere, you may feel as if something is missing. Or that, you’re itching to write but you don’t know from where to begin?

7 Useful Tips for Writing

Bhumika Vikam and Priya Narayan have listed out their writing tips to help you write and accomplish your passion.

1. Be yourself when you write and write whatever comes to you

It is very important to be yourself when you are writing something. Be the real you when it comes to pen something down. Our subconscious mind has many thoughts which do not come us easily to us or when we are not being ourselves. Being the real you while writing is going to let those subconscious thoughts out and help you write something brilliant you may have not even imagined.

Your thoughts or views may be contradictory to something or the other, but be the non-judgmental self and write whatever comes to you at that point of time. You can at any point of time edit it or rework on it.

2. Sit in a peaceful surrounding

Setting matters a lot when it comes to write. When you sit in a calm place with no distractions, it will compliment your thinking and help you focus. Ensure that when you are writing something, you have shut down the outside world and kept distractions such as your cell phone away.

3. Jot down points

Whenever you think about writing for a particular topic or idea, always jot down in a notepad/ mobile whatever comes to you. Jot down different points for the topic and whatever information you know, have or will require. Research well where required and jot down those points too. It will help you get a clear picture and frame your write up correctly.

4. Draft a balanced write-up

This is something which I have learned from my mentor, Tanya Munshi. Always make sure that your piece is a balanced one. If you are writing on something like ‘Benefits of playtime for children’ – ensure you talk about the advantages of play but also somewhere mention that too much of play may distract the child from academics too. For every topic, just like the two sides of a coin, there are two views, ensure you touch on both of them.

5. End your piece positively

It is important to end your write-up positively. If it a social issue or something negative, turn it into positivity by talking about a ray of hope which exists or some possible solutions. For topics which are not on any issue, try to end them with a positive quote, proverb or something inspiring.

6. Read more

Reading and writing are closely associated.  In order to write about a particular subject, one must read and gather information regarding the said subject.  This will add to their knowledge bank, therefore making it easier to pen down their thoughts in a more appealing way.

7. See the write-up in the form of a story

Weave a story out of the topic given. Stories are loved by one and all irrespective of age group.  Incorporating a strong beginning, jaw dropping moments and a conclusive end clubbed with colorful adjectives makes an interesting read. Keep your language simple, and interesting. While editing always cross check the punctuation and spellings.

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