Our top 7 list of inspiring entrepreneur journeys

As you are aware that The Lifestyle Portal has been focusing on Entrepreneur Stories from all across the country and abroad. Our heart fills with pride to have featured over 170 entrepreneurs and their journeys over the past seven years.

Sharing with you our top 7 most inspiring entrepreneurial ventures which have encouraged us and inspired us!

Sarla Minni, Co-Founder of Kahaniwali Naani.

1.Kahaniwali Naani – Bringing the magic of stories back to life

We spoke to the lovely 61-year-old Bangalore-based Sarla Minni, one of the Founders of Kahaniwali Naani about her love for telling stories and her mission to share stories with the children of the world. Well, Kahaniwali Nani proves that if the visions and aims are noble, we can use any tool wisely to make the world a better place. She is now featured on BBC World too! We truly respect her and admire her spirit!

Kalyani Khona & Shankar Srinivasan, Co-Founder at Inclov

2. Love on a wheelchair? It’s possible through Inclov

Love knows no boundaries and not even physical. In a day and age where the external looks and appearances matter so much, here’s a novel matchmaking app that’s breaking a mindset where even differently abled people can find love. The Lifestyle Portal shares the story of Inclov – that wants the disabled/ differently abled people to find love, togetherness and companionship.

Ms. Shyamala Rao, Founder of Blocks & Prints at her Workshop

3. Blocks & Prints – A love affair with block printing

We caught up with 58-year-old Shyamala Rao a Bachelor in Sociology from St Xaviers’ College who runs a ‘Blocks and Prints’ studio in Mulund, Mumbai. For her block-printing is an essential part of our culture and customs. Shyamala works single-handedly doing her bit to spread the pride and art form of our national heritage.

Akhilesh Mani, Founder of Leeway Handikraft

4. Leeway Handikraft – Empowering the youth of Uttrakhand

We came across this wonderful youth empowered handicraft company from Pauri, Garhwal in Uttrakhand called the Leeway Handikraft. The Lifestyle Portal is very happy and excited to share their entrepreneurial story with the world.

Meet Akhilesh Mani an artisan by profession and the founder of Leeway Handikraft. He and his team of a small group of young boys, girls and women work on handmade reused and new wire jewellery, recycled paper jewellery and silver jewellery since 2012. They’re from a beautiful small village called Mandakhal of Pauri in Uttrakhand.

Shagun Singh – Founder, Geeli Mitti

5. Geeli Mitti – Making a difference one hand-sculpted home at a time
Meet Shagun Singh, Founder of Geeli Mitti – an eco-warrior spreading the message of green homes and sustainable living. Shagun was at the peak of her career, enjoying all the perks of the top brass in the corporate world life. 12 years later, her doubts, however, had begun to grow – if this is what life was all about, what good is all this money and recognition if it further destroys the planet and makes us robotic monsters …

Shagun then embarked on a soul-searching journey to see what she could do to give back to the society. She started with farming in Noida and then her quest for a piece of rural land brought Shagun to Mahrora Village nestled at the Kumaon Hills and that became the birthplace for Geeli Mitti.

Ameen Shaikh & Abhishek Kaushal, Co-founders The Mountain Walker

6. The Mountain Walker – Born from the heart, led by the mind
Have you heard of the native Himalayan storytellers? The Mountain Walker is on a mission to revive the Himalayan culture.
An enviable list of qualifications, fat pay-cheques, travelling the world, successfully climbing the corporate ladder and years of corporate experience to back you up – these seem to be the ingredients for that ‘perfect’ life, isn’t it?

But what happens if someone chooses to say goodbye to all this? This may have an uncanny resemblance with The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – not quite literally though, but yes, there’s a Himalayan calling in this entrepreneurial venture – that was born from the heart and led by the mind.

Alma Begic, Co-Founder Handy Trendy

7. Handy Trendy – dreams woven in thread!
This one’s going to be one interesting story. If you’ve always thought those pretty needlework and crochet classes back in school could get you nowhere, think again. Here’s one feisty and gorgeous team of Bosnian women who’ve started a unique home-based fashion accessory store called Handy Trendy. Meet Dubai-based Alma Begic a Bosnian by origin who along with her sister, friend and daughter have started this unique, fun and a fashionable journey called Handy Trendy. This is a story of you and me, of every mother and a sister – who out of sheer willpower, determination and dreams have created something so beautiful out of the ordinary.

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