Garden Torches – Add a little drama to your garden

It’s time to add some drama and style to your garden. If you’re planning to host a party in your little patch of green, why not add an element of elegance with these stunning Garden Torches from DecoWindowGarden Torches from DecoWindow

We’ve often heard of accessories to jazz up our living rooms, bedrooms and office spaces, but for a garden, this would be one of the first!

Decowindow brings to you a pack of four Iron Garden Torches that can be purchased with their exclusive Deco Home Torch Oil, Parafin Wax and Torch Fuel Citronella.

Reasonably priced at Rs. 1,999 this is an ideal must-have for those who own a lawn or a garden.

These torches measure 44” Inches or 60” Inches and don’t take up much space either in your garden or when you put them away in your storeroom during the monsoons.

What we liked most about these garden torches is that they use Citronella fuel, which is an excellent natural mosquito/ insect repellent, that’s also known to infuse the air with its unique lemony nutty scent as well.

Ideal for a lazy sheesha or hookah party with barbeque and kebabs and red or white wine to go with it, imagine sitting by the warm light of these garden torches that will instantly transport you to a scenic spot from the Arabian Nights.

Don’t have a garden, but a spacious veranda or a balcony, a large sitout/ patio or you run a quaint homestay or a resort somewhere up in the hills or live in a tea estate, DecoWindow’s garden torches are an absolute must have to add a touch of charm on those wintry or warm balmy nights.

For instance Grace Koshy a homemaker from Pune who has a sprawling garden in front of her bungalow feels, “I would love to use these torches in the garden to add warmth and also for decor that offers a both contemporary yet rustic look. Especially for those barbeque parties during the winters in Pune where all guests are mostly enjoying their time in the lawn…I think these torches will create a very relaxing atmosphere.”

Madhushree Sinha, a teacher from Bokaro who has a little lawn of her own says, “These lamps can be used in the four corners of my little lawn to make a dinner party for six to eight people a little more romantic and take it away from the glare of electric lamps. They will add to natural surroundings and make it a little less formal.”

If you’re wondering about how to use them and whether they’re safe enough to be used – it is provided you don’t tamper with the instructions. For instance, these garden torches should only be lit using their specified non-combustible oil such as Citronella; mind you using any other combustible oils such as kerosene is a strict no.

As Dubai based entrepreneur who has a beautiful garden in her villa, Alma Begic feels, “The best part is, these garden torches are ideal for relaxed parties and sit down dinners.”

These garden torches are essentially made for open spaces, so make sure no curtains, firecrackers or other items are close enough. Ensure that pets and kids don’t go too near, they may unknowingly topple them, so keep the lit torches well beyond their reach.

Also please don’t try and over fill the oil in the torches, fuel it only till the amount mentioned and always put out the flame with a snuffer.

If you’re cautious and follow the instructions on the DecoWindow’s Garden Torches box you’ll have absolutely no trouble at all and get the best of a ‘torch lit’ outdoor dining experience.

Tempted enough? Now go get your Garden Torch from DecoWindow right away.

About DecoWindow:

Decowindow is part of one of the largest exporters in India – Jayanita Exports who’re known for their top quality products that are value for money. You can pick up from a wide range of curtain rods online , buy curtains online and even buy cushions online from their site. They even have a made-to-order solution for curtains to suit varying sizes of windows and doors in your home and office space.
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