How to make your Office Snack Box Healthy

Snack up on healthy food
Snack up on healthy food

A snack box need not only be for your school going kid. It’s equally important for you as well. You’re heading back from work or on your way to the office and get stuck in a traffic jam.

The hunger pangs drive you nuts, not to forget the long hours to go. This is the time you wished you carried something with you as you didn’t have time for breakfast or driving late from work.

Either way, early morning and late in the evening, if it’s time for your breakfast or dinner, your stomach is going to send you the signals that it’s hungry. What do you do then?

As Mumbai-based working professional Shardul Kerkar mentions, “Ideally, I would like to carry apple wedges in a tiffin, but never manage it, so I usually opt for Granola yoghurt bars, especially Mojo bars; I simply love them!”

Munch on some juicy apples on your way back from office
Munch on some juicy apples on your way back from office

While Delhi-based Dr. Monisha Choudhury suggests “Oranges, cherries and bananas are filling and easy to share around without messing your hands and don’t forget to carry a dust bag for litter in your car!”

Mumbai-based corporate trainer Shagufta Khwaja Raza always carries a healthy snack box to beat her hunger pangs which include fruits and boiled egg whites. She says, “I prefer citrus fruits that help me get my dose of Vitamin C and in another box, I pack boiled egg whites for my dose of protein and I’m set for the day!”

While US-based homemaker Neetu Nivedita Banala suggests you can pack roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins, nuts, cheese sticks, mixed berries, deseeded cucumber with light ranch dressing in your snack box, mother of one, Kinjal Shah shares, “I love having cold vegetable chutney sandwiches with a fruit juice pack to sip on.”

Enjoy the sweet tanginess of oranges during season
Enjoy the sweet tanginess of citrus fruits during season

Mumbai-based Shilpa Mittal, a Nutritionist, and Diet Consultant suggests the following items make your office time snack box healthier and the list includes:

  1. -Seasonal fruits or salads with sliced carrot cucumber
  2. -Dry fruits esp almonds, walnuts, pista, dates, anjir
  3. -Roasted Channa
  4. -Roasted soybeans
  5. -Sweet corn boiled or roasted
  6. -Groundnut
  7. -Makhana (foxnut or lotus seed) roasted
  8. -Puffs – made of jowari , wheat, nachni, buy raw ones and then roast like kurmura. If you buy ready made ones check for salt and spices.
  9. -Boiled Moong channa chat
  10. -Roasted poha chivda
  11. -Popcorn
  12. -Jowari lahi or dhani

However, she cautions, “Nutrition bars are good but one needs to check the sugar and fat content on the packing. Also don’t forget to check the source from where they come, and make sure they’re packed proteins and fibre.”

Top your salads with highly nutritious pumpkin seeds
Top your salads with highly nutritious pumpkin seeds

So if it’s unsalted popcorn, boiled corn with salt and pepper, any fruit, roasted chana that you may carry like Mumbai-based HR professional Manisha Kothari or unsalted popcorn, boiled corn with salt and pepper, any fruit, roasted chane by Nameeta Kabad a working professional, the next time you see a colleague or friend carrying a healthy snack box, dig right in.

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