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Sunny side up!

Use the sunscreen at all times
Use the sunscreen at all times

The monsoon has taken a break. The skies have cleared and suddenly the weather has turned hot. The umbrellas that served us well during the monsoon have now been brought out to shield us from the harsh heat.

To fight off the harsh rays we can apply proper sunscreen lotions or creams. They offer protection from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Choosing sunscreen lotion or cream depends on the skin type. For instance, for oily skin, alcohol-based sunscreen lotions are advisable. And someone with normal or dry skin can go for any of the sunscreen lotions available in the market. There are also physical sunscreen lotions, like the ones we see the cricketers applying on their face, especially on the area around the nose, as this is the most sensitive part of the facial skin.

SPF factor

To make your choice of sunscreens easier, just check out the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) on such products. The SPF number indicates the duration you can stay out in the sun without harming your skin. Higher the SPF, better the lotion works for you, as sunscreens provide excellent protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Tanning, which is an immediate effect of premature ageing, wrinkling of skin, pigmentation are some of the harmful effects.

Open shoes are best during these hot days, as they allow your feet to breathe. It also helps reduce smelly feet, especially because sweat dries up instantly in open shoes.

Smell good

Beat the heat by keeping yourself fresh and cool. Use soaps with mint and menthol extracts, which can give you’re a refreshing feel. Needless to say, cosmetic powders are like blotting papers that soak up the sweat, while deodorants will keep you smelling good all day long!

Pick up some trendy sunglasses to look cool in the sun. Do not compromise on your eyesight by picking up some cheap imitation ones.

It is always safe to buy branded sunglasses from proper optical retail outlets as such glasses are tested in their respective labs before being brought to the showroom for sale.

Cottons and linens are the best for hot and sunny days. You could try out summer cool fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

Bottle it up

Dehydration is one of the most common health risks one could run into, during hot days. Drinking lots of water and staying away from the sun as much as possible are the ways to prevent dehydration.

Always carry a bottle of water or juice with you where ever you go. Don’t forget home made drinks such as lassi, buttermilk, and milkshakes! If you’re running out of ideas of what to drink, pile onto the coconutwalla down the street and drink the delicious tender coconut water, which is rich in nutrients and minerals.

For The Hindu, published on 18th November, 2006.

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