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Top 3 Benefits of a Head Massage

Benefits of a Head Massage. Photo credit - stockimages
Benefits of a Head Massage. Photo credit – stockimages

A head massage is a tonic and a much-needed relaxant for your head and hair. If you ever get a chance, don’t miss out on a nice relaxing head massage from a good hair salon. Here are three major benefits of head massage therapy…

1. Stress killer – prevents hair loss
Stress is known to be one of the main culprits behind hair loss. Be it stress at work or at home, the physical and mental strain does have an effect on the health of our hair. During an extreme case of stress like an accident or an emotional disturbance, one can suffer form a hair loss condition known as the telogen effluvium, where the active hair follicles suddenly go into a regression stage. This stage is then followed by the resting phase, where the hair growth remains passive for a while eventually leading to hair fall. Getting a hair oil massage helps relieve that stress and strain on the head, neck and the back region creating a sense of well being, in turn inducing good sleep and of course bringing your hair back to life.

2. Blood circulation – promotes hair growth
Stress and sweat are also known to harden the scalp and the sebum in the hair tends to harden. This is where a head massage comes handy followed by a good hair wash to promote blood circulation and hair growth. If done in the right technique, head massage encourages proper blood circulation in the scalp there by leading to strengthening of the hair roots. This in turn acts as a catalyst to promote hair growth.

3. Hair oil – Nutrition for the hair
Using the correct hair oil conditions the scalp, thereby preventing dry or scaly scalp that leads to dandruff. Hair oil also provides the much needed nutrition to the hair, preventing or delaying hair from going rough and brittle. It adds life to your hair by conditioning and lubricating your scalp.

So, fix an appointment with your hair salon today and get your dose of a much needed head massage..

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