Quick Film Review – Dil Dhakane Do

Pic Courtesy - http://i.ytimg.com/vi/oDGTJKwzuaM/hqdefault.jpgYet another brilliant film from Zoya Akhtar’s – Dil Dhadakne Dois a totally likeable/ lovable film.

Even though I’ve been getting mixed reviews especially over the radio, I still decided to watch this film over a weekend.

In Dil Dhadakne Do, Zoya Akhtar carefully scratches and removes that glossy covering over every character in the film to reveal their raw and hidden fears, insecurities and their flaws.

I could see her glimpse of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara with those aerial shots and the flights, but this one had a theme.

It’s got quite a believable story – the story of Neelima (played beautifully by Shefali Shah), Aisha (portrayed very nicely by Priyanka Chopra) and the strong and independent girl Farah (sashayed boldly by Anushka Sharma) and the nuances of an unsure and happy go lucky boy/ young man Kabeer (played by Ranveer Singh), and how can we forget Anil Kapoor who was simply perfect, his portrayal of a shrewd business tycoon is so believable.

Sunny Gill played by Farhan Akhtar takes your breath away every time he’s on screen and Manav played by Rahul Bose and along with his on-screen mother Zarina Wahab fit in very well in the story.

My point here is that not a single character is out of place in the story. There’s a reason why they’re there.

All that glitters is not gold holds true in this film, especially where the ladies keep gossiping and massaging each other’s false and pretentious egos.

The movie definitely had its comic timings, which are neither over the top – like the two rival women giving each other dagger looks when they realize they have the same bag! It was profound – you makes you realize how people can be fake!

Priyanka’s dilemma of being in a dead end and a love less marriage is portrayed with dignity. She works hard and is a self made woman and does her best to fulfil the marriage but somewhere it just doesn’t work. She wants to quit and the discussions with her parents and in-laws that unfold is brilliant. We see the transformation of a businessman to a father who ultimately stands up for his daughter. The change in the mindset of the father who refuses to accept his daughter post divorce is commendable and more so where Kabir speaks his mind to his parents with innocence yet brutal honesty is brilliant.

We realize that sometimes a lot of wealth, money and luxury can shrivel the size of one’s brain and logical thinking capacity. For instance, when Aisha wants to quit the marriage, the first thing her mother in law asks her son, “Kyu, issey shopping nahi karney deta!” lines like this leave you in splits but give you a peek into the bitter truth.

As my friend Pallavi Mehta pointed out, the portrayal of women in the film is sadly true where for some having money, jewelry and lots to gossip is their world irrespective of whether they are loved or respected by their husbands at home.

Some of life’s truths beautifully narrated by Pluto – the adorable four legged companion. Over all, Dil Dhadakne Do is a clean, neat and a refreshing family film. Loved it!

Genre: Family/ Comedy/ Romcom

Music: Some have a good music score, but I was expecting something better.

Paisa Vasool: Totally! Don’t miss it.

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