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painting by tanya munshiWhen I spotted the ‘Winful Minibook’ at Sangeetha’s blog I was instantly transported to my childhood days.

My parents devoted a lot of time in our growing up years – whether it was taking us swimming, helping us with a school project, a fancy dress or parent-teacher meetings.

While Mum would bake cakes for us on our birthdays, Dad was the official photographer – all happy memories of a super happy childhood! 😀 Most birthdays I would get those gorgeous Camlin water colours, poster paints and pastels and lots of drawing books to paint and draw that kept me occupied for hours.

I was a good artist when I was a child and I believe that this talent is lying dormant in me and when I spotted the ‘Art My Home Professional Oil Painting’ on Flipkart, Art My Home Professional Oil Painting at FlipkartI wanted to pick it up for myself to rekindle my long lost love for colours, brushes and the canvas.

My parents always encouraged me to paint when I was a child and it gives me immense joy to see that my daughter too has instantly taken a liking to water colour and paint brushes and sits for a pretty long time doodling and creating her own little master pieces with a stroke of a brush.

The art kit says ‘minimum eight years’, but if I sit with my daughter and give her a paint brush, I would love to have her paint a few strokes under my supervision of course and then put it up on a wall for us to show it off to everyone that we did something creative and clap our hands with joy of a superb job done. As Dora the explorer says, “We did it, we did it”!

painting2 by tanya munshiYou see, I am slightly prudish when it comes to the use of technology with kids, as I usually don’t allow my child to play with mobiles, laptops or a tablet (and I consciously don’t own a tab) no matter how bored she may get.

We go out, run, play and jump, watch caterpillars crawl and butterflies fly by. We read storybooks, paint and draw and yes we also watch interactive learning children’s programs such as Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Club House during our spare time.

So when I spotted Sangeetha’s pick of a Winful Minibook from Flipkart, I thought it was a great tool for kids when traveling long distances to keep them painting3 by tanya munshioccupied.

But now with Flipkart’s latest campaign #AbHarWishHogiPoori I can now buy this ‘do-it-yourself-art kit’ from Flipkart to create my very own masterpiece with my daughter!

Watch Flipkart’s brilliant advert to rekindle your lost love for art, baking, gardening or photography and ‘flip’ with joy.

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