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Spiritual Art by Mira Krishnan

Welcome to a cosmic blend of colours that will transport you to a spiritual high. The Lifestyle Portal had a chance to catch up with 30 something Mumbai-based Mira Krishnan, a qualified Fashion Designer, Yoga teacher, an artist and a dancer by passion.

Her claim to fame – she’s worked as a designer with top labels like, Study by Janak, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Fuscia, Sagar Couture and has also played the role of a Fashion Lecturer at the National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD) in Baroda.

We chatted with her about her love for art, colours and everything spiritual that gives her artwork a whole new meaning. 

How did it all begin?

“A self-taught artist, I find myself a student always. The past decade was an especially painful time for me, both personally and emotionally. I found refuge in meditation and prayers and am an ardent Shiva devotee. My spiritual practices have thus inspired and given direction to my art. Dreams and hopes of a better time, filled with colours and happiness, nature in her infinite glory and the ebb and flow of geometrical patterns are brought together in my paintings, each stroke of the brush, each line of the pencil, accompanied with chants and ruminations. The practice of this art, brought about a slow but definite transformation, into my perception of life and the way I deal with the vagrancies of life. I find that thanks to art and spirituality I am a stronger, happier person, with the gift and will to help others, through trying times,” explains Mira.

Mira firmly believes that at one level all art is sacred as it is the language of the soul; but at the same time one must acknowledge that there are some forms of art, that are specifically designed to tap into the universal energies and have the capacity of taking an artist and the audience to a higher state of consciousness!

Initial investments 

Her main financial investments include materials from paper to canvas, wood and metal and a myriad junk products that she upcycles.

Purchasing paints and painting accessories also feature in her investment, but the most important investment of all is her time.


We ask her about her brand name ‘Mirajuana’ that is inspired by the recreational drug and she says, “This is especially significant as a Shiva devotee that the marijuana is, in fact, a special offering proffered to the deity. My idea behind the name is with the hope that my art would be as addictive as the drug is believed to be and having people coming back for more! The logo is something that I designed and is as colourful quirky and exquisitely formed/ detailed as all my art. I have had people do a double take when they first come across the brand name and then chuckle with appreciation; but luckily for me, it always draws a great deal of appreciative attention.”

Challenges faced

Mira admits of the number of challenges that has come in her way, “The greatest challenge that I face as an artist is one of publicity and marketing. I am your quintessential daydreaming, solitary sometimes reclusive artist and not very enthusiastic about selling. Unfortunately, paints and canvas cost money and I need to sell my work in order to supplement my income. Here I make use of my experience as a designer and do customised fashion designing, freelance as an illustrator, teach art from home and am in fact now in the process of launching my eco-friendly label of clothing. I must also add that I am blessed with a super-supportive and loving family, that believes in my talent and encourages me without restraint.”

What makes Mira’s artwork so unique?

One of the main USPs for Mira’s artwork is the gorgeous blend of colours and intricacy of patterns.

Mira further adds, “A lot of my pieces have more than 100 to 150 different shades and I am very particular about authenticity. It’s alright for me to be inspired but I cannot copy; so I always create my own designs and patterns. I leap across various genres with this unique style which includes mandalas, clothes, fantasy art, fashion illustrations, painted junk, artistic furniture, murals on wall. What makes it all unique is the way my colours, patterns and figures come together in the most unexpected ways.”

Medium and themes

Mira’s favourite medium is acrylic colours though she often uses other materials such as clay, plaster of Paris, m-seal and jute to enhance the texture. The best quality of acrylics is their vibrancy, quick drying nature, waterproof quality and the fact that they adhere to almost any surface she works on.

You will find a majority of themes based on nature, spirituality, tribal art from all over the world, psychedelic art from the 60’s flower child era, ancient spiritual art from classical civilisations, temple scrolls, illuminated literature, fantasy fiction – and the list is endless.

Exhibitions held

“I am pleased to say that I had my first exhibition, after 10 years of preparation just last month. This was in Delhi and a rather unique and lovely experience. The show was at a quirky offbeat Upmarket Clothing store in Shahpur Jat called LILA. The store provides a platform to various upcoming and promising artists and showcases their work on a regular basis.

I sold quite a few pieces there and have returned with a lot of new and extremely interesting commissions,” beams Mira.

Mira is now busy with her next show at Temperence a cultural hub in the heart of Bandra Mumbai. This will run until 25th Oct, https://www.facebook.com/temperanceindia?ref=ts

She’s also in talks with art workshops with schools where she will teach children the art of “FUNKING UP JUNK” or upcycled waste product designing.

With more shows lined up in November, December in Delhi, Hyderabad and Trivandrum, Mira is hoping that this is just the beginning and that she can reach a wide audience with her happy healing vibrations of her art form.

Placing an order

The price range for my work is rather diverse Though as my art is intended for –holistic healing, I try to make it as affordable as possible to a large section of the society, The upcycled products start from INR 500/- and the paintings start from INR 2500/- for limited edition prints or the smaller sized pieces. As the paintings or products increase in dimensions and intricacy, so does the investment in time and financial, there the price obviously increases as well.

“I am in the process of approaching more stores and galleries to display and sell my art from. Currently, you can find my upcycled product designs at GREEN THE GAP stores in Mumbai and Delhi as these are fair-trade stores for the NGO Swechha. I have also recently donated a mandala design for a silk scarf, {this is soon to be launched in the market} to MAAT the fair-trade store for the international NGO Monyati.

I try that my work should be eco-friendly and in tune with nature, so now when I collaborate with organizations that work towards the better of society and our world, it brings me a special joy as I feel that I am contributing in a small way towards the various causes through that which is my special skill,” smiles Mira.

If you’re in Mumbai you can catch Mira at her latest exhibitions and workshops in the city. 


VENUE: : TemperanceIndia Address: St. Xaverian Court, Sherly Rajan Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050.

DATE OF EXHIBITION: : 20th OCTOBER to 11th NOVEMBER 2012 (Entry – Free)

DATE OF MANDALA MAKING WORKSHOP: : 3rd and 4th NOVEMBER 2012 (Charge INR 2,500 for a 2-day Mandala making workshop)


1. Entry to the exhibition is free

2. The workshop is charged at INR. 2500 and is spread over 2 days. The workshop charges will include materials required for the workshop such as Paper, Paints & Brush. However, Participants will be required to bring their own Pencils (HB), Eraser, Sharpener, Foot scale & compass. At the end of the 2-day, workshop participants will take home a unique piece of self-created art that will provide them with the perfect focal point of their personal meditative journey.

Please call on 9833833270/74 for further details.

E-mail: info@temperance.co.in

Follow Mira on facebook and twitter for recent updates – ‘Temperance India’

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