Restaurant Review: Branco’s Restaurant & Bar, Goa

An erstwhile Portuguese armoury that got a facelift way back in December 1981 by Mr. Francisco Branco and his wife Veronica; Branco’s Bar and Restaurant is a charming old world family restaurant with a welcoming staff that is worth paying a visit during your next trip to Goa.

A Goan friend of ours had recommended this place when we were looking for a place for dinner right after a Concert in Choral Music in the vicinity. The moment she mentioned that this restaurant used to be a Portuguese armoury, we were instantly keen on visiting there for dinner.

Our friend had visited Branco’s some years ago but wasn’t sure which road to take. So we fed the details in our GPS and drove around the lanes until we reached our final destination. 

Branco’s is located in a quaint corner in Taliegao near Panaji that offers ample parking space with an enthusiastic staff ready to welcome you into their restaurant.

There were a few Goan families dining there, so the ambience was just perfect – not too noisy or crowded.

We settled down over fresh lime sodas and Old Monk and dug into some delicious Beef Chilly Fry, Pork Balchao and soft fluffy Pav. The spices in the beef and pork were brilliantly balanced with no flavour overpowering the other.

We knew that we came to the right place for some authentic Goan cuisine at totally affordable prices with a staff so courteous. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if the prices are reasonable, it matters more how well your treated and served and the quality of the food that totals up for a pleasant and a memorable dining experience, doesn’t it!

Dining at Branco’s offers a truly a relaxing experience where you don’t seem to be rushed by the staff. Most of the inner décor, especially the roof and the space inside the restaurant has been restored from the original building architecture, so it lends a club like charm (like the ones you see in Kolkata), which you rarely see nowadays.

If you haven’t visited Branco’s yet, we recommend you do. It’s a delight to be dining there on a trip to Goa.

A meal for the three of us including drinks was around Rs. 550/-. If you’d like to know more about their menu and what more you can get, you can visit their site here – http://brancos.in/foodmenu.html.


H.No.333/ 334/ 335,

Opp. Dukle Residency,

Taliegao – Goa. 403002.

Telephone: 2226055 / 2423931.

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