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Have you ever fallen in love with a yellow elephant dotted with pink strawberries; or melted into the soft cocoa brown eyes of a cuddly owl? We have; and if you think we’ve lost our head – to be precise, we’ve lost our heart to one of the cutest hand-made creations for babies!

New mothers are a different breed. We’re constantly on the look out to add that extra special touch be it in baby care or in adorning the baby’s cot with cute little toys. When our eyes met with the gorgeous owl’s coffee brown eyes and hugged the marshmallow-soft pillows – we simply knew we had to have it for our little one.

Not only that, we also got a personalised pillow with her name written on it; so you can very well imagine how special it is.

So if you too want to create that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of magic then get in touch with the magician herself –Neha Dimri who founded Truly Made With Love in 2013 to give all those adorable babies and children something refreshingly unique, handmade and totally 100% made with love!

How did it all begin?

What started out creating cute little toys for her little one, led Neha to take her hobby to the next level of turning it into a successful home-based enterprise as she started receiving tremendous response and feedback from those who received one of her creations! (Lucky!)

“TMWL started its journey started with the idea of establishing itself as a brand for visually appealing, durable, handmade accessories for children. Initially, a few creative ideas were developed as a tester for the market and received an overwhelming response.  With a lot of support and appreciation from friends and family, TMWL grew to showcase its work on Facebook and other online retail websites promoting handmade products,” adds Neha.

Being a NIFT graduate Neha has learnt the techniques of pattern making, sewing and needlework at college. “Though it was a decade back but all that was taught so long ago came back to me as yesteryear,” smiles the weaver of cuddly toys.

Initial investments and challenges faced

Neha reveals, “My initial investment was a purchase of few yards of fabric from the local market, while my primary challenge is same as any working mother… balancing work and family and it is very tough when you have a toddler on hand.”

What makes ‘Truly Made With Love’ so unique?

She further adds, “With the arrival of our son and the consequent kiddy-shopping, I noticed the lack of hand made customised products in the kid’s section at malls. Being a niche market, I decided to explore the possibility of designing and producing durable, handmade accessories for kids, which would be visually appealing for young ones.”

This is where you’ll find that each product is carefully researched, handcrafted and made with oodles of love for your little one and can be customised on order. How truly unique!

Accessories available at ‘Truly Made With Love’

So what can you find in the magical land of baby accessories? 

There is this cute elephant and owl pillows, bags, bloomers (yes, and that too designer ones with polka dots, Hello Kitties and pink little sheep) beanbags, hair accessories, tab covers, stuff toys and the product range keeps evolving.

“I mostly work with printed cotton fabric and woollen felt and I source it from Delhi and Mumbai.

I try and make the product washable as these are designed for babies. But with certain product require dry clean and special care.”

Response and the journey ahead

The response so far has been overwhelming and that is the reason Neha has decided to turn her hobby into a professional business venture.

She recently held a successful exhibition at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai organised by Nick Jr. Nickelodeon  – ‘The KidTown Fair Exhibition’ on 30th – 31st March 2013 – where the stall no. 69 was a place where parents and children found something to take back home.

She signs off by saying, “I believe in testing waters before going full swing with the business expansion. For now, it’s going to be taking part in trade shows and exhibitions and tying up with few prominent portals for sales.”

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