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Mother’s Day Contest – 1st Prize Winner – The Bindi

Ms. Rachana Mohanan takes home the first prize for her soul touching write-up and simple photograph complimenting – ‘The Bindi’. 

Rachana, WOW!! Your write-up touched the right cord and gave goosebumps to many of us. And the way you have adorned the humble yet regal bindi – we simply knew this was the winning story we’ve been looking for!

You win the gorgeous ‘King and Queen-tray’ – Priced at Rs. 980/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of your choice until 31st May. (Pls see our website for details).

Here’s your winning story:

68 years and celebrating life on her own terms and conditions is my mother Mrs Kamla Bisht.

A quintessential mom at heart, yet for me, she stands apart from all her contemporaries. Ever since I can recollect, I have always seen my mother sans any make except for her favourite trademark Shilpa bindi.

As I grew up, I tried cajoling her into donning a new avatar which entailed a bit of compact and an occasional light lipstick. My mother always replied that she was not comfortable in any of those. The bindi was her only and constant companion.

In 1995, I lost my father due to cancer. My mother, broken as she was, embraced all the new challenges, worked very hard and ensured a loving and secure future for my sister and me.

After his death, no matter what anyone had to say the “Bindi stayed. For us, the bindi on her forehead was a symbol of hope, a small dot which spoke volumes about my mom’s decision to make her own rules and to stand up to challenges in life with courage. But, most of all it portrayed her eternal love for my father since it was he who loved her most in a “Bindi”.

The lady you captured our hearts, Rachana, you win the highly coveted ‘King and Queen-tray’ and a BIG thank you for participating in our contest. We’ll eagerly look forward to receiving your picture posing with your prize!!

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Tanya is a graduate in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, a post-graduate in Communications and Media from SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and holds a Master's Degree in Journalis & Mass Communications from Chandigarh University. A former writing mentor and a seasoned lifestyle writer, Tanya writes columns on The Lifestyle Portal of life and living.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Contest – 1st Prize Winner – The Bindi

  • rachna,
    Words fail me. Your mother is an inspiration. Cant say more, anything would be too little.

  • your write-up made my eyes wet Sonu. Hats off to her.

  • Rachana …. your story touches the proverbial cockles of nes heart. My story would be similar to yours …. only difference is my mother wore a bindi of sindoor which she renounced when we lost our father to the same disease which took your father. I so wished she would keep on wearing that sindoor bindi on her forehead but she just let it go quietly without any fuss or drama. I am very close to my mom and I know how much that bindi meant to her. Thank you for sharing your personal story – made me sit back and think about my personal one.

    Tanya – always applaud the great effort that you are putting in to bring people together. That ‘s a feat found very rarely in us nowadays … kudos.


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