How to Redesign your Wooden Furniture with Asian Paints

Asian Paints Signature StoreDesign is everywhere and everything is based on design – right from the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the humble pen that you hold to the state of the art medical equipment – everything is design.

If we are to take design to a creative level, then your personal furniture at home or office come into the picture.

Our recent trip to the Asian Paints Signature Store in Bandra opened our eyes to a whole new world of design and an innovative way to spruce up our home and office furniture with the latest in wood paints and colours.

Interactive Design Studio Deepa Venkatraman - The Wood Finishes Expert

It is like Disneyland for grown-ups who are very particular about their furniture and furiture, style and decor because once you enter this signature store you won’t feel like getting out – the vibrant colours, the themes, the variety of wood available is simply brilliant.

So if it is your workstation, living room, bedroom, dining area or a kid’s room that you may want to jazz up, Asian Paints Woodtech Studio is the place to go as that will give you every possible idea by which you can play around with wood, textures, finishing and colours.

It is a lot like an artist’s palette that gives you options and all you have to do is pick and choose the medium of your choice to get the right colour codes for your personal or office furniture.

A walk through the Asian Paints Woodtech StudioA Walk Through the Studio

We browsed through several design templates in this lavishly done up state of the art studio. We even witnessed some exquisite interior design elements by ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

This is aimed to inspire and encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and try something new using various colours and material to stylize our interiors.

Wood Finish Expert Deepa Venkatraman showed us how to use the Asian Paints in-house tools to come up with innovative designs with our basic home furniture and the results were absolutely fantastic.

Whether you’re starting afresh (for a new home or office) or planning to refurbish your existing furniture then you must take the help of Asian Paint’s Woodtech Studio to come up with some wondrous ideas.

Playing with coloursLearning how to revamp wooden furtniture

We’ve mostly associated Asian Paints as brand with wall paints, but they also have a brilliant range of wood colours and finishes as well such as the Wood Finishes in collaboration with Renner Wood Coatings which bring you the Emporio Palette Colour System featuring a detailed chart of every colour possible for your wooden furniture.

The other is the Wood Finishes in collaboration with Renner Italy, which is called the RAL K7 Classic palette that also features vibrant colours to lend a glossy or a matte finish to your wood furniture.

Digitally revamp the new look of your wooden furnitureThe Woodtech Pu Palette boasts of 150 elegant shades to add that flexibility and classiness to every wooden surfaces possible be it interior or exterior.

Now you can say goodbye to old and boring furniture as you make space for #StatementFurniture with #ColourStoreAsianPaints.

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