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Timeless classics that celebrate love

“Old Romance” by danCelebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about expensive gifts or jewellery, you can gift something as timeless such as books to that special someone (or maybe gift one to yourself!)

If there’s a book that you relate to, that has moved you from within or that has touched your heart so much that you want to gift that book to your better half to tell them a little more about yourself, then maybe now is the time.

This just goes to show that no matter how rough and tough you may appear to be on the exterior, you’re quite a softie from within with a heart that wants to love and be loved in return. It also reveals a little more about you that just like everyone else, you too secretly believe in true love and romance (and please don’t be ashamed to show that you’re capable of love and to love, it is a gift, trust us).

We asked several people about the best love and romance themed books they’d like to read, gift or receive, surprisingly only women have written back to us (wonder why don’t men read or are into romance!).

“Rose” by dan

While Mumbai based dentist, Shambhvi Malik shares her list of favourite novels –“ P.S I Love You, Eat, Pray, Love, Poems by Pablo Naruda, The Gift, Where Rainbows End, Forty Rules of Love, The Time of My Life,” here’s what the others had to say about their favourite romantic novels, take a look –

For Delhi based homemaker Prerna Chimni Mohapatra it is Pride and Prejudice, because she says, “It’s so well written. I think every girl loves the brooding aloof Mr. Darcy. I love the way he falls in love despite himself. I can totally relate to Elizabeth even though it’s been years since the book was written. It’s a classic love story where you start with extreme dislike but end up falling in love and I can re-read this book any number of times.”

Mumbai based entrepreneur, Jhelum Narsale shares, “I like Bridges of Madison Countybecause it explores different kinds of love – the secure but unexciting love (husband), the thrilling but insecure love (handsome stranger) so full of promise and finally the unconditional love for her children which gives her the strength to give up on this new love despite the monumental heartbreak. I guess we all feel these different types of love in varying degrees in our lives and that’s why I could totally relate.”

For Pune based full-time mum Mrinalini Pandey Awasthi it is the Love Story because of the trials and tribulations, and the dedicated effort on both sides to succeed and then the way the death sequence is spoken of, with all its fun, love, tears.

“Romantic Novel” by dan

HR professional from Mumbai Manisha Kothari adds, “Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It’s an amazingly well-written book a story of deep unspoken love, unexpressed emotions and doubts, betrayal, mystery and suspense. I especially loved the fact that the entire book is narrated through Rebecca’s thoughts. “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…” The opening lines haunt you forever.”

Oh yes, if you were to ask us about our favourite romantic novel, then it has to be Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. The matured love story of Jane Eyre with the handsome Edward Rochester has made us read this novel several times since our school days. No matter how many times we read this book, it always remains very close to our hearts.

“Love Story” by dan

The fact is my dear friends, love can happen anywhere, anytime and there’s no perfect beginning, middle or end. Love is never planned, it just happens and remains with you in your heart for as long as you shall live.

All you need to do is believe in the magic and allow the beauty of love to unfold in its own mysterious ways. Don’t let practicality enter because if it is practical, it is never going to be love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all our wonderful readers worldwide – go and have a beautiful life full of love and laughter beginning with yourself.

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