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If you think being a child in today’s scenario is easy, think again. Growing up is not an easy-going and a gradual process anymore as it used to be when we were children. Now the competition begins from the word Go!

Being a child and choosing the right products for your child #BachchonKaKhelNahin as Mr. Bachchan, one of the most endearing super star grandfathers of our country portrays so humorously in the latest TV commercial by

He touches upon the lighter sides of life – such as picking up the right stroller for your child; but in reality, the lives of a modern day baccha is no child’s play.

There is competition, even before the child is conceived; astrologers are consulted and auspicious times and dates are referred upon before couples can err…you know what I mean, so that they get an ‘all rounder’ child in the making 😉

Before the baby is ready to come out, the astrologer or the almanac is yet again referred for the auspicious time for the child to make a grand entry again at an auspicious time into the world from its cosy mother’s womb.

Pregnant mothers have been advised to ‘teach’ or ‘sing’ lullabies, hymns and poems to their wombs so that their babies can come out smarter.

firstcry.comInfants are sent for music classes so that they get to know the tunes and mind you, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

It was a miracle that when we were kids or even when our parents were children, they grew up to be perfectly fit to face the world, yes at that time the world was not as competitive as it is today.

During summer breaks, while we would play in the gardens, draw, paint and go swimming, the children of today are sent for hobby or activity classes, abacus, guitar or violin classes – and the list is endless.


As soon as they cross the 8th grade, the pressure starts to build up as they have to gear up for the dreaded 10th, 12th and graduation exams to get a seat into one of the coveted engineering or medical colleges in the country or go abroad for higher studies.

For those who don’t hop into the rat race, there’s thankfully still a lot of hope as our present world offers much more choices – so a child can opt to be a singer, a hair stylist, a tattoo artist, a pet groomer, a travel guide – the choice is endless.

Sometimes we wish that life would slow down a little, and not be as tough on our children. Let children be themselves and let them enjoy their childhood for as long as they can because once they’re an adult, they will have to ‘create’ time from their busy schedule to reconnect with their childhood days.

I am a mother of a three year old and have been working for more than 14 years now. Sometimes I do miss my childhood days, but I now get to relive the long glorious yesteryears with my little one.

In a competitive world of today, choosing a product for your child is no longer a child’s play as aptly put by Mr. Bachchan, but then there’s always to give you a helping hand for all the things that you can control to make it less stressful for your little one.

Shoes, clothes, toys, accessories – all within a price range will be delivered at your doorstep with a mere click of a button of your mobile, tablet or computer. Thank you for lending us mums a helping hand.

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