Here’s a Mom’s Definition of The Perfect Baby Diaper

What's your definition of a perfect diaper
What’s your definition of a perfect diaper

New moms have it tough. Right after delivery they’re way too tired, weak, sleep deprived and going through a lot of hormonal changes – at this time help from the husband, parents, nannies and caregivers is very important.

When gearing up for a newborn or an infant, one of the first things that we think of after feeding and clothing a baby is a diaper.

A diaper is the first point of contact with your baby’s tender skin that too at the most sensitive part of the body and choosing a right diaper is of utmost importance. At such times, compromising on the cost may not always be a good idea.

Remember, what works for your friend’s baby may not work for your baby and the same works in the case of diapers too. The best way to introduce a diaper is that you start by buying a small/ trial packs of diapers and see which of them don’t give your baby a nasty diaper rash or any other skin infection.

Click here to know how to pick the ideal diaper for your little one.

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