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How to Design a Classy Mobile Cover

Styled by AsusBeing a Features Writer and a Lifestyle Blogger, I often have to step out to attend events, product launches and bloggers meets where I have to interact with a host of people.

Every time I step out, I learn something new be it technology, food, people, cultures or fashion. One of the main things that I like to study is how people dress up to work or to these various official or social events.

It is very important how you dress up whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old as that is a reflection of what you think about yourself and how you want the world to perceive you.

My style of dressing is slightly understated and simple, yet elegant. I don’t like to get unwanted attention when I’m out in public and hence I like to dress up appropriately for events I attend.Styled by Asus

Now dressing up for an event doesn’t limit itself to the attire, it also involves your accessories. I like to team up my outfits with mostly silver trinkets or some classic junk jewellery that I have picked up from various flea markets from India and abroad. This instantly makes me stand out as a personality in a humble yet strong manner without seeking too much attention.

When we’re out at events, we often have to take pictures from our mobile and may have to make a few calls while we’re trying to get in touch with the person in charge for the event. In this case, our mobile phones also play a vital role in adding to our style statement.

Styled by AsusI like black and white as a medium for photography and I feel pictures taken in black and white connect with directly. This black and white cover connects with me instantly as it reflects a certain sense of maturity and calmness about myself and how I like to work.

This kind of cover goes well with formal and informal wear and I’m sure that many people will ask me the reason behind such a cover and how I got it. This scenic picture of the Gateway of India is iconic, that symbolises the city of Mumbai in all its glory as it shines through all the negativity around. It reminds us to stand tall, strong and proud no matter what crisis hits us.

So if you’ve got a chance to design your very own mobile cover, take part in the contest being run by Asus #ZenFone, #ZenLooks and see if you can win one of the following prizes –

Weekly Prizes 1x ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML)Styled by Asus

1x Limited edition ZenFone 2 case by CutiePieMarzia

Grand Prize: Best design will be printed as the limited edition ZenFone 2 case

asus mobile b&wContest will run until 6th December 2015, so hurry!

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