How to Prepare your Toddler for Kindergarten

One of the most precious phases of your child’s life is going to kindergarten. The first thing that I did before introducing kindergarten to my little one, was to take her into a little playschool in the neighbourhood.

What I liked best about this playschool is that they devoted complete attention to every child as the number of children was less, which resulted in a better teacher-child interaction. This immensely helped my toddler gear up for the big leap from Playgroup to Nursery and Junior KG in a big school.

How I Prepared My Daughter For Kindergarten
How I Prepared My Daughter For Kindergarten

We talked to Kanishka Ramchandani, a mother of two boys and a Managing Editor and a Beauty Blogger, Swati Doshi, a mother of two and Dr. Nita Jagad MD (Paediatrics) DCH Paediatrician have to say about prepping your toddlers for playschool and beyond.

While Kanishka didn’t have much of a problem with getting her kids to start school, Swati shares her challenges and how beautifully she overcame them. And Dr. Nita Jagad cautions us how it is important to create a positive association for a school with a toddler so that she/he learns looks forward to it as a place of joy and not a place for punishment.

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