How to Prepare your Child for a Doctor’s Appointment

Preparing your child for a doctor’s appointment can be tricky. While they’re babies, it is still okay as you have them in your arms all cuddled up and safe. But as they start growing older, these toddlers start sensing fear, pain and discomfort.

Tips For Taking Your Child To The Doctor The First Time
Tips For Taking Your Child To The Doctor The First Time

Unfortunately, during our course of upbringing we tend to instil a sense of fear into the child that if they listen to us, the doctor will give them an injection. If we can consciously stop this then we can help a child deal with going to a doctor in a more positive way.

Mother of two, Swati Doshi and Kanishka Ramchandani share with us the challenges of preparing their children for a doctor’s visit. Both mother of two, find out how they dealt with the situation.

One of the tips that Dr. Nita Jagad MD (Paediatrics) DCH, suggests, “Talk to your child about who doctors are. Tell them how doctors help us to stay healthy. Never threaten them in the name of the doctor. Tell the child how a doctor is going to use their medical instruments to check their health so that they don’t get scared during a check-up.”

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