Secrets That All Extremely Happy Children Share

Happiness is a very relative concept. As we grow up, our happiness quotient or our definition of happiness changes and gets related to the pay packages, the brand of clothes we wear or the cars we drive. But for kids, happiness comes from how much they’re loved and cherished at home.

Parenting secrets that make happy children
Parenting secrets that make happy children

If we work on our children’s emotional quotient today, it will go a long way in creating happy and secure adults of tomorrow.

There is no book of spells to tell us how to raise happy children because the magic is in our hands. It’s not difficult, however it takes persistent practice, little by little and is a lifelong process.

To give you a helping hand here are some ways to help steer in the right direction –

  1. They’re not compared
  2. Family time
  3. Hugs and loves
  4. Make them feel a part of a team
  5. Validate their feelings

Click here to know how to work on these five parenting tips for your child.

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