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A Walk for a Cause – #WWIM15❤SpreadKindness with #AXF


“ No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

– Aesop ”

Press Release: March 2017, Mumbai: Today, amidst the subliminally sadistic kicks we get out of sarcasm, we forget the power of what a hearty smile or a genuine compliment can do.

Co-founder & CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, announced the Worldwide InstaMeet 15 ( #WWIM15 ) as Kindness on the 16th of February, 2017 & Instagrammers around the world began to ponder on how they could translate this wonderful theme on their Insta feed.

In Mumbai, Chef & GoPro Family Member Yash Rane teamed up with Food Bloggers & NGO volunteers Team EverythingOnAPlate ( EOAP ) for a unique walk with a view to spread some compassion and kindness towards the less fortunate.

Mumbai is marked by the co-existence of high-rises and slums. It is also home to a large populace of the educated affluent with a social conscience. Putting these two together, they knew they had the perfect opportunity for a citizen-inspired movement for social good.

They connected with the NGO Angel Xpress Foundation ( AXF ) which strives to bring about a change in the underprivileged by helping them gain a holistic development with a concentration on education. Children from financially-challenged backgrounds often lack the attention and care given to children in educated homes. AXF connects them to loving and concerned adults who could teach them not only to learn better but also to be good human beings.


Most children from the NGO are first generation learners & are neglected by society, some even by their families. Even a smile or a handshake from a stranger makes their day! This InstaWalk will be hosted by the children themselves who will take you around the Bandstand area & give you a two-hour in-sight of their life beginning at the AXF Bandstand centre, where they study to their homes & areas of solace.

Commenting on the InstaWalk, AXF Founder Anubha Sharma says, “It was great to know that the theme of the World Wide InstaMeet 15 is Kindness, a pillar of our organisation. When I was approached by Neha (EOAP) & Yash for this InstaWalk, it seemed like an activity the children would absolutely love. Our children at AXF love to make friends & give their brightest smiles when being clicked. I hope that this event not only creates some wonderful memories for the children but also brings in some likeminded people to volunteer for our cause.”

The main aim of this walk is to spread kindness through friendship & support the wonderful cause of the NGO… and who know, this walk may even inspire a few to join the NGO as volunteers! The walk will also have some interesting contests too & a number of goodies to be won.

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