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Valentine’s Day Contest – Entry No. 3 – ‘Everyday’s an Adventure’

Ladies and Gents…here’s our third entry to the Valentine’s Day Contest, sent to us by Divya Kapoor from Wellington, Tamil Nadu.

She has wonderfully captured the essence to keep the love and laughter alive in a marriage and we’re sure you’ll love her story too! 

Here’s her story and her fun photograph. Make sure you help her get the maximum Facebook ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ to help her win:

Read Divya’s Love Story here:

Attached is our photo. The caption is “Everyday spent together is an adventure…Not “one day” but our “days of love”.

They say it is difficult almost impossible to find your soul mate in this universe. Well we have been lucky…not only have Nitin and I found each other…but we have struck the perfect balance to complete us as a couple.

As each day goes by, we enjoy it with all the challenges, the ups and downs together and create memories as every single day goes by.

You know you have found your soulmate when your heart doesn’t stop jumping and fluttering ‘cos finally the person standing in front of you is whom you were searching for so long; and that feeling continues today even after nine years of falling madly in love!

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The Contest is super simple; here’s how it works – 

(1) Send us a fun photo of you and your spouse/ GF/ BF

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