A quick guide to keeping a Doberman

Pic courtesy from - Doberman belongs to the Pinscher breed of dogs. Pinscher is a category of dogs where their ears and tails are cropped. The Doberman breed also belongs to the domestic category of dogs and they are known for their intelligence, loyalty, alertness and strength.

Dobermans have been used as guard dogs (in some cases still are), watch dogs, or police dogs, but this trend is declining in the recent times. Today, Dobermans are also used as show dogs by various dog breeders and pet owners.

A Doberman is usually known as a ‘one man dog’, wherein, it is loyal to only its owner who gives him complete attention, love, care, food and often plays with him. In most cases, a Doberman is more close to a stay at home mom (or a housewife) as she is the only individual the Doberman sees regularly. If rescued from an ill-treated family, the Doberman is fiercely protective and loyal to its rescuer.

Dobermans can be gentle and loving if they are treated with love and care. It is their training and the treatment that determines whether they become a ferocious guard dog or a loving family pet. A pet Doberman is known to attack only if it finds that his family and home is under threat or if it has been ill-treated by a particular person.

Keeping a Doberman is not all that easy. He needs enough space for exercise, and enough mental stimulation to keep him active. If you have a front lawn and a backyard, a bungalow or a single row house or a farm house, a Doberman will be the happiest there.

The Doberman belongs to the medium size breed of dogs. A male Doberman is about 34 to 45 kgs, while a female Doberman would weigh around 27 to 40 kgs. However, the standards in weight may differ from one kennel club/ breeder to another. Dobermans have a broad and a firm chest and a strong, powerful and toned body.

Dobermans have a smooth coat that is short, thick and hard. When well maintained their coats shine like velvet.

The Doberman can be found in two colours – black and a deep chocolate brown.

Police dogs, watch dogs, guard dogs and military dogs

Life Expectancy:
A Doberman’s average life expectancy is around 10 years and its overall health depends on the correct breeding standards that encourage this breed to be healthy, strong and fit to be a family dog.

Favourite Name:

My favourite name for a Doberman (when I plan to keep one) – Arrow.

I had rescued a one year old chocolate brown Doberman who was abandoned by his owners on Baner Road, near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This Doberman was suffering from a medical problem (that was the reason why he was abandoned). I named him Choco and had taken the help of Animal Farm in Pune, to provide him the necessary medical attention and care. He was well looked after. Choco died peacefully in his sleep a few months later.

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