Adopting an older cat

If you want a pet that will be able to take care of itself, then an older cat could be an option. Or if you happen to rescue an older cat and wondering if it will make a good pet, then here are a few things to keep in mind. Cats by far are independent animals and if you get an older spayed cat as your pet, nothing like it. Here are some tips on why you should go for an older neutered cat.

Older spayed cats are homely, well mannered and matured. They are usually well trained to use a litter box so that’s a big load off when it comes to toilet training a cat. These cats are already vaccinated, making them a safer pet to keep. An older cat will be a more grateful as a pet, than a naughty kitten that’ll grow up in all the luxuries.

During the mating season, several kittens land up in shelters due to lack of a proper home. At the end, they are either euthanized or taken to a home, in some cases where there is already a grown up cat. This would make the older cat’s life uncomfortable – imagine it has been the king of its castle for all these years and bringing in a new kitten will ruin all that. So, by bringing in an older spayed cat, you reduce the risk of over breeding of cats in your neighborhood, and offer a home to the older one.

I remember seeing Dolly, an older cat living at my aunt’s place back in Bandel near Calcutta. During winters, Dolly would curl up on a garden chair and bask in the morning sun. She was a darling; she rarely bothered anyone at home, and was always around to purr and cuddle up to anyone she saw at home, especially my aunt.

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