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The beauty of contemporary dance

I first saw this dance after my own dance class when students were still dancing, and my teacher told me to watch one of their routines. After seeing such a beautiful dance I wanted to take it up myself, but I actually juggle a lot and I didn’t want to overexert myself. Contemporary is known to be a free-for-all kind of style, both genders approved. This dance is also very familiar because of all the movies I watch and of course, the well-known Broadway shows. The word “contemporary” means present and this style of dance takes moves and steps from jazz, ballet, and other classical dances and is popular in the United States and Europe.


Contemporary dance is known to be made by well-known dancer, Isadora Duncan [1877 – 1927]. She was an American dancer who performed all throughout Europe. Contemporary dancers strive to connect their minds and body through the fluid dance movements. It was made at the beginning of the twentieth century when Isadora tore away from ballet and created her very own dance which is the popular style which we now call contemporary dance.

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Dance Technique

The dance technique in contemporary dance flows and contemporary dancers take up this dance form so that they can be free and dance. Usually, contemporary dance steps are taken from other dance forms and have hand movements with twirls and spins, the feet, however, do jumps and take a creative route. Contemporary dancers follow the made choreography/routine made by their choreographer.


Usually, students will wear a leotard with spandex shorts and a tank top or t-shirt over the leotard during rehearsals and practices. However, as it is known, for performances, contemporary dance teachers and choreographers will pick outfits for their students which are loose and more or less, comfortable to the students. Contemporary dancers often dance barefoot, but may keep backup options for jazz shoes, or ballet shoes.


As stated before, contemporary is popular throughout the world, more in the United States and Europe; however, why is it popular? The answer to that question is simple. Contemporary is a dance style that is often misunderstood; unlike traditional dance methods, it is a raw and stripped-down form of dance that does not follow any rules. Popular to audiences because it portrays the world of a dancer, and shares their experiences, stories, thoughts, and emotions just by a basic, yet wonderful performance.

Famous Contemporary Dancers

Here are some of the well-known dancers and choreographers: Isadora Duncan, the founder of this particular dance [1877-1927], Katherine Dunham, a well-renowned dance[1909-2006], Merce Cunningham, a famous choreographer[1919-2009]. Did you know that Merce Cunningham is considered to be the first choreographer to develop and independent attitude towards modern dance?

This dance expresses feelings and is popular because of its well-known reputation. Dance gives a feeling which is inexpressible. It is also a way to exercise. Tired at the gym? Try contemporary dance and do some stretching too. I highly recommend this dance after reading countless positive reviews.

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