Aromas of China

Aromas of China is an answer to the hungry shoppers, mall hoppers and movie goers at the Oberoi Mall in Goregaon West. It’s quite a big restaurant alongside an exhaustive food court. Other restaurants that enjoy good clientele at the Oberoi Mall are Copper Chimney (bad food and service), Cream Centre, Rajdhani and Pizza Hut.

Aromas of China is quite a nice deal, for the price of what you order, the quantity is pretty good. Try the burnt garlic pot rice for its refreshingly new flavor and aroma and compliment it with diced chicken in black pepper sauce. The chicken pieces are succulent and the dark black gravy blends beautifully with the burnt garlic pot rice.

Whenever we go out for lunch or dinner, we prefer something light, non-greasy and overtly spicy dripping in food colour. So as far as possible in Chinese cuisine, we try to avoid red curries which are known to have food colouring in them. The regular dark or black gravies get their colours from the dark soy sauce, caramelized sugar and hopefully other safer ingredients. If you are allergic to ajinomoto or MSG, or better still if you don’t want it in your meal, you can always ask the steward to make a special note while taking your order.

You can book your table as soon as you reach Oberoi Mall and finish your shopping spree or a movie and head straight to Aromas of China and relish a Chinese meal. A meal for two should cost you within Rs. 1,000/-.

Overall Rating:

Ambience – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Service – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Presentation of food & drinks – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Quantity of food served –  [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Quality of food –  [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Price – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]

Aromas of China
Oberoi Mall
Goregaon East
Western Express Highway

Worth a Visit: Why not! [scg_html_carrot]

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