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The Big Bang Bar & Café – BandraWritten exclusively for Buzzintown.

A fun place to meet up after work hours, especially on a Friday evening when all you want to do is wrap up a busy week with a quick drink and yummy tidbits with your friends and colleagues at The Big Bang Bar & Café on Linking Road.

The Big Bang Bar and Café, has roped in celebrated Chef Kshama Prabhu to design a brand new ‘Modern Street Amuse-Guele’ menu and we at The Lifestyle Portal are here to tell you about our latest food review here.

When we asked her about their latest menu suiting the Indian palate, here’s what Chef Kshama had to say, “Since ours is a Bar with Happy hours and other offers on drinks, and therefore as people drink alcohol they prefer such foods which are Indian and naturally suit their palate. Fusion angle to these dishes or say modernising them brings out a wow factor; so was the idea behind the design of our new menu at the Big Bang Bar & Café.”

So we arrived there on an early Friday evening to find the place mostly filled with an office crowd catching up on gossip, a birthday or a get together after workm but what we liked most about the place was the energy, the ambience and of course the brilliant music playing at the Big Bang Bar & Café.Oriental Peanuts

And if you’re wondering what food to order to go with your drinks and conversations, here’s a lowdown of what to expect in their latest menu, take a look:

Vegetarian Entrée 

Oriental Peanuts (Rs. 100) – this one’s an ideal companion that compliments your drinks while you wait for your next order to arrive. The crispy toasted peanuts seasoned with kaffir lime, ginger and Asian flavouring will add to your gossip. We liked the interesting Thai twist to the regular ‘peanut masala’ that’s usually served along with your drinks; don’t think twice, just go for this fun entrée.

Poutine Mushroom MeltPoutine Mushroom Melt (Rs. 180) – now this is something we’d really like to recommend. If it’s just the two of you, dig into this warm and balmy Canadian classic dish that comprises of mushrooms, fries, brown onion gravy and molten cheese on top.

The sweetness of the onion gravy perfectly balances out the salt in the fries, a perfect way to start your conversation at the Big Bang Bar & Café. This cosy little dish has just the right elements; especially the molten cheese that make it even more epic.

Paneer Kalimirch (Rs. 210) – you’d love the hint of the black pepper that just bursts into your mouth when you bite into a soft cube of paneer. For those who dig cottage cheese, get a plate of this malai paneer marinated in creamy curd and black pepper. This was one of the highlights for us as the flavour of the black pepper makes you want to have more while you’re relishing the creamy curd coating.2AM Cheese Pav

2AM Cheese Pav (Rs. 150) – this is an interesting take on the popular Mumbai fast food. This crisp pav comes stuffed with fresh tomato, onion and cheese. This is an ideal snack for the late night party animals, who want to have something filling, yet not greasy or heavy.

Non-Vegetarian Entrée

Videshi EggVideshi Egg (Rs. 140) – now who would have thought to have hard-boiled eggs over a drink? Maybe if you’re feeling a little experimental, no harm in giving this fun filled dish a try that comes with stuffed tandoori masala. It’s quite a unique entrée with a good health quotient, as it has almost no oil added to it.

Hajiari Kebab (Rs. 250) – for those who love kebabs with their drinks, try their Hajiari Kebab which consists of boneless chicken marinated in a creamy cheese paste with a hint of the Chef’s special seasoning. Chicken lovers don’t forget to try this starter.

Chilly Chicken Duex (Rs. 225) – this dish derives the concept from the ying and yang, where chicken wings are served in two opposite flavours Chilly Chicken Duex– one with green chilly cream, which is quite mild as compared to the playful, sweet and tangy flavour of the teriyaki sauce. This one’s a ‘hard to let go’ dish as the succulent pieces of chicken especially the one with teriyaki sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds is perfect with your evening dinner at The Big Bang Bar & Café.

Main course

If you thought that the entrées served were enough, wait, there’s still more! Here’s a peek into the interesting mains waiting to be served.

The Bar Stock Exchange PizaanThe Bar Stock Exchange Pizzaan (Rs. 270) – a very innovative dish where a crispy naan is turned into a pizza topped with paneer tikka (or chicken if you like) with Indian spiced vegetables.

So for those who can’t live without their rotis and naans, yet want something that’s different, the ‘pizzaan’ is the dish for you. The Indianised crispy pizaan gives a new dimension to the thin crust pizza and for those who don’t enjoy pizzas, we suggest you try this one for sure.

Batata Vada Sizzler (Rs. 275) – for those who’re too stuck on the Mumbai street food style cuisine, maybe you could try this fusion that’s served as a Bata Vada Sizzlersizzler. Yes, sizzler and the steaming hot plate comes with cumin rice, curried veggies, kachumber, a fresh garlic chilli sauce and of course the vada that’s crumb fried. If you can’t finish this all by yourself, share it if you like.

This sizzler offers you many elements on a platter to ensure that you get the best of all flavours; so the kachumber is a nice mix of crispy, tangy and fresh vegetables, the cumin rice is light and fragrant, the curried vegetables consist of crunchy zucchini, broccoli and baby corn, the vada is packed with the authentic flavours while the chutney will help clear your palate. Overall, this is a pretty neat dish put together.

Momma’s Rocky Road SundaeDesserts

It would be simply sacrilege to end a good meal without a signature dessert. Here we tried Momma’s Rocky Road Sundae (Rs. 250) that comes with chunks of brownie, vanilla ice cream, molten butter scotch and almond slices. This is a perfect way to sign off a meal at The Big Bang Bar & Café.

To sign off here’s our take on why you should visit The Big Bang Bar & Café.

  • Spacious ambience with awesome music
  • Great pricing for food and for the quantity served
  • Innovative menu
  • Centrally located
  • Opens up by 6pm, so ideal place to hang out after work hours
  • Offers a smoking/ non-smoking zone
  • Valet parking available


Where: The Big Bang Bar & Café Enjoying the super delicious Momma’s Rocky Road Sundae

Address: 3rd Floor Kenilworth Building, Off linking road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 059

Time: 6 PM to 1.30 AM

Contact: 022 26008833 / 26008585

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