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On a cool, chilly Bangalore evening, what would you like eat? Some nice hot kebabs, grilled tikkas, fluffy hot naans and kulchaas and the aromatic daal fry. Smells and feels divine, no? It is the same feeling when you enter an expensive restaurant like Oye Amritsar at Koramangala in Bangalore.

The ambience is quite creative, ‘punny’, colourful, adequately adorned with old Hindi movie posters, a flamboyant shiny scooter, charpoys and parts of a truck all painted to remind you where ever you look that ‘Oye! You’re in Amritsar in Bangalore’!

Personally, I don’t mind shelling out my hard earned money for some good food, but come on, don’t take us for a truck ride (pun intended)! When we ordered for Tawa Prawns (FULL – mind you F-U-L-L) priced at Rs. 435/- and all came four medium to large size prawns. It’s a joke right? For a table full of non-vegetarians that’s like nibbling on paltry portions and still feeling hungry. The food was tasty no doubt, but miserly in proportions.

I enjoyed the Masala Chass (priced at Rs. 75/- per glass) served in large copper patiala style glasses. I had two and my tummy and me went home happy. The Taazi Methi Murg Tikka was hardly two to three pieces, they seem to love these numbers below five.

I have no doubts about their ability to cook up a fantastic North Indian and Punjabi meal but what’s disappointing is the quantity of the food that does not do justice to the price and served in small serving bowls fit enough for one person. Pray! Do tell me Oye Amritsar, where do you procure those false bottom bowls in which you serve the ever so delicious yellow daal fry which makes me want to spend more and have more?

Food is cooked for the love of it, food is served for the love of it; of course, monetary gain is and should be the prime goal, but not serving enough food so that your customers are made to shell out more is unfair. Would you like that if you had to visit a popular restaurant in town and eat small portions?

Mostly popular by office crowds (they seem to be spreading everywhere across all restaurants in Bangalore) Oye Amritsar is synonymous to good food with small portions, they are more like teasers before the real movie begins. I wonder if the waiter would come up and say ‘Khana abhi baaki hai merey dost!”

But seriously, if you have a weight conscious girlfriend, you’ll be happy to take her here and you and your pocket will go balle, balle!

Overall Rating:
Ambience – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Service – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Presentation of food & drinks – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Quantity of food served – [scg_html_choclate]
Quality of food – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Price – [scg_html_choclate] [scg_html_choclate]
Worth a visit – Go try! [scg_html_carrot]

Oye Amritsar
54, Canara Bank Road
6th Block
Phone – 080 – 40994451

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5 thoughts on “Oye Amritsar

  • sangeeta ananth

    Hey Tanya, lovely website and congratulations to you and your portal for turning 6 months 🙂

    I loved the food in oye amritsar. All veg though. The paneer starter was yumm…fresh and soft. Makki ki roti and sarsong ka sag was also pretty good. But their veg pulav was pretty sad. And as you’ve correctly stated, their portions are way too small for the price they charge.

    Hmm…so you were in Bangalore and dint call me. 🙁

  • Hi Sangeeta,
    You’re so right. The food is great at Oye Amritsar, though their portions are small. Thanks for sharing your inputs. Err..yes, I was there last year for a short trip. I keep coming there, will surely meet up next time! Promise 🙂

  • Krishna Gupta

    Oye Amritsar but not OYE for me!

    • 🙂 Yes, they failed to impress totally. Unfortunately a lively and a creative decor can’t make up for less food.

  • Krishna Gupta

    Just not the food itself – the “lively creative decor” nor its style in any way did stir us. Not our cup of tea!


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