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Student & Parent Testimonial by Ananya & Ranjani Sampath

Ananya on completing her six-month Effective Writing Skills Course.

Testimonial by Ananya Sampath

I would like to thank Tanya ma’am for always encouraging me to do my best and being patient when I’m struggling. This course has helped me strengthen my foundations and introduced me to different writing styles like the photo essay.

One aspect that kept me motivated to continue was Tanya ma’am letting me choose topics to write for every assignment. This has helped me increase my knowledge about several issues I was already aware of and some that I wasn’t, for example, my essay on the lakes in Bangalore. I used to be very hesitant and self-conscious about my writing skills, but Tanya ma’am helped me gain more confidence in my writing skills.

Ananya with her mum Ranjani.

Testimonial by Ranjani Sampath

When we started looking for ways to help our daughter Ananya with her writing skills, Tanya and her writing course came highly recommended by one of my daughter’s mentors. I feel Ananya has grown in confidence and skills by leaps and bounds during this course. It was a great experience for me personally to watch Ananya go through her initial struggles and bloom during this course.

Tanya’s unique and gentle way of prodding and guiding the student in the required direction is amazing. During this course, not only has Ananya learnt writing techniques and skills but she has also been mentored on professional etiquette. Thank you, Tanya.

Ananya Sampath’s Certificate of Completion in Effective Writing Skills Course.
Ananya Sampath

Contributor: Ananya Sampath

About our Writing Program Student
Ananya Sampath is a 11th Grade student studying at Legacy School, Bangalore. She enjoys reading, playing badminton and dancing in her free time. She is passionate about history and enjoys learning about new cultures and mythologies.

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