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Student & Parent Testimonial by Dhairya & Yukti Mittal

Yukti Mittal with her son, Dhairya on completing the writing course.

Testimonial by Yukti Mittal

Tanya is the only name I thought of when it came to enrolling my son for a writing program. Her varied experience and her passion for teaching really place her apart. My son Dhairya has always had great ideas and thoughts but they needed to be channelised and properly presented. He needed someone who was strict, organised and at the same time reachable as a friend.

Tanya has been an excellent mentor in doing just that. She has given her best, trained him to get used to doing thorough research before presenting any article, besides organising his thoughts and paying attention to the small details. I loved the variety that was introduced in the course. It has helped Dhairya to see things from a different perspective altogether and be prepared to start writing on just about anything that comes his way.

Thank you Tanya for all the effort. Will surely miss the weekly articles. Wishing you all the success.

Happy smiles! Dhairya Mittal on completing the writing course.

Testimonial by Dhairya Mittal

Initially, I found the assignments given to me hard, and I could not fully grasp what ma’am was teaching. Since I did not understand the first tool, I had to rework my first assignment. But once I fully understood the tool, I fully changed my article. After around three articles, I got the hang of it and started enjoying my work. Sometimes, I found things very hard but using the guidance and help provided by Tanya Ma’am I completed my tasks.

Overall Tanya ma’am is a great teacher who is very helpful and has a great way of teaching and communicating with her students.

Dhairya Mittal’s University Certification by SNDT Women’s University and The Lifestyle Portal.

Contributor: Dhairya Mittal

About our Writing Program Student
Dhairya Mittal is a 7th Grader studying at Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai in Mumbai. He’s an avid reader and loves to play cricket and practise his Taekwondo skills in his free time. A Taekwondo black belt, Dhairya is also an excellent orator and a groomed debater too.

The Lifestyle Portal

Tanya is a graduate in Sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, a post-graduate in Communications and Media from SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and holds a Master's Degree in Journalis & Mass Communications from Chandigarh University. A former writing mentor and a seasoned lifestyle writer, Tanya writes columns on The Lifestyle Portal of life and living.

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