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Student & Parent Testimonial by Krishnam & Payal Mehra

Krishnam Mehra, on completing Level 1: Basic & Intermediary of our Writing Program

Student Testimonial: Krishnam Mehra

When the pandemic started, we were all confined to our homes. We did not have anything constructive to do. One of my teachers suggested me to enrol for a writing program conducted by Tanya ma’am. Before starting I was of the opine that the classes would be filled with monotony, but when I began with the program, I deeply fell in love with the way Tanya ma’am explained each and every concept in detail without making me feel bored for even a second.

By the end of the program I have written many articles which I would cherish for my entire life. I would like to thank Tanya ma’am for her patience. Even though my exams were around the corner and I was snowed under work, she did not hurry with the classes; instead we waited for my exams to be over. Despite many styles of writing I have also learnt many other things from this wonderful program that I would never forget. Thank you ma’am for everything.

Krishnam with his mother Payal Mehra

Parent Testimonial: Payal Mehra

Krishnam was not doing anything constructive since the pandemic began, until we got to know about this writing program by Tanya ma’am. He told me that he doesn’t want to do any writing program as he already knows how to write. When I had a word with Tanya ma’am, I was impressed with her writing program.

Just after the first class, Krishnam came to me and told me that he loved his first class! He started working on his assignments with full interest under the wonderful guidance of Tanya ma’am. I saw Tanya ma’am motivating him constantly and bringing out the best in him. He has learnt innumerable things from this best writing program. I would like to thank Tanya ma’am for her patience, motivation and everything she did for Krishnam.

Krishnam Mehra

Krishnam Mehra

About our Writing Program Student
A 9th Grader from Step by Step High School, Amritsar, Krishnam (14) is very fond of writing and actively participates in school debates and Model United Nations (MUN). He also likes to play squash and is a National Level Swimmer.

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