How to Make Furniture Safe for your Kids & Pets

The right furniture can help you make a style statement with your home decor. However, apart from looks, it’s very important to keep in mind basic furniture safety, especially if you have kids or pets. Here are some handy tips for furniture safety at home.

Safe Furniture For The Home
~ The surface of the furniture should have a smooth finish. Any roughness or sharpness on the surface or edges should be avoided.
~ All the screws, blots etc. should be well hidden and fixed firmly into the furniture to prevent any snagging.
~ The foot stand of your bed should not be too high. It might get risky if you try getting off in the dark.
~ Fix your bookshelf to the wall; this will prevent it from tipping over in case overloaded with books.
~ Fix anti-tip furniture straps/brackets in the wall for furniture like cupboards, bookshelves, racks etc.

Your Furniture Safety Guide
Your Furniture Safety Guide

For Kids And Pets
~ For bunk beds, the top bunk should have safety rails on either side, with at least 15 inches open at each end.
~ For kids below six years of age, avoid getting a bunk bed as they may roll off in the night and/or hurt themselves against the railing.
~ Replace square/rectangular tables with round tables or tables with blunt edges. This can prevent kids from getting hurt.
~ Install child-proof locks for cabinets containing medicines, toiletries and harmful kitchen items.
~ Avoid using glass table tops. Stick to durable wooden tops which do not pose a breaking risk.
~ Remove extension cords from the kitchen to prevent tripping. More so, wherever possible, get enclosed wiring to prevent any accidents.

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