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Student Testimonial by Sonal Srivastava

Sonal Srivastava on completing our Effective Writing Skills Course.

It is said that ‘The pen is mightier than the sword,’ it indeed is. I think the art of selecting and knowing the appropriate medium of words is very important before firing wordily bullets to win any battle.

I always knew that I wanted to write but was not confident enough to begin. It was always challenging to lay the foundation or what approach should be followed. This was when I decided to enrol for a writing course with Tanya, who runs The Lifestyle Portal and offers a Certified Effective Writing Skills Online Course.

I loved Tanya’s belief that anyone and everyone can write. All they need is proper guidance. Her passion for writing and teaching is not restricted to any age group; it is open to all who love and are eager to learn about writing. While interacting with Tanya during numerous online classes, I realised that she tries to understand her students and find barriers holding them back to express themselves and provide the right amount of nudge to overcome them. Tanya helped me immensely overcome my barriers without realising that I had done it. With her expert knowledge and experience, she guided me to use various tools for writing any kind of article.

What should be the thought process or approach to writing? Why is it important to pay attention to small details while writing? Moreover, pushing and preparing me to write all kinds of articles, as I should be ready and confident in the future.

Tanya has truly helped me observe things from different perspectives, which otherwise I might have neglected. She helped me to believe in myself and be confident to express it. I feel lucky to found Tanya for teaching me how to write.

Sonal’s University Certification.

The student handouts she shared are very helpful with bullet points making them easy to understand. It helped me to absorb the concept throughout the learning. I feel much more comfortable initiating and penning down my ideas and thoughts in words.

Tanya is an excellent teacher with an optimistic mindset. Her guidance and suggestion helped me better my work. She pushed my writing to limits and made me more confident. Thanks to Tanya, I feel like I have more beautiful and vast ways of expressing myself in words.

I am so happy with the outcome that I would not like to change anything about Tanya or the writing course offered by her. I am very happy to experience such a professional approach by Tanya.

Sonal Srivastava

Contributor: Sonal Srivastava

About our Writing Program Student
A simple yet strong and emotional girl, Sonal a fitness enthusiast firmly believes in healthy living. She loves travelling and exploring new places and being a foodie, loves to cook! For her, spending time and energy reading, listening to music, watching movies with friends and family is a an investment of a lifetime.

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