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Student Testimonial for all 3 writing levels from Parashie Sidhwani

I started off thinking this writing program would be just like any other, but the learnings that Ms. Tanya provided me are truly mesmerising as I have grown a lot as a writer.

I started off as a close minded teenager, having one style of writing that I would use for every single piece. As the sessions went along, Ms.Tanya helped me open up as a person, tweak my style of writing in order to make it more professional, more transparent and a lot more organised.

One of the aspects that I truly loved about this program was how organised and easy flowing it was. Every session linked to the other and every session was built upon the previous lesson. As a learner, in order to grasp things, it really helps to have these connections in hand so the I can understand what I’m learning which is why this program really worked out for me.

Lastly, I want to thank Ms.Tanya for being so patient. As a school going student, I already had a lot of work on my plate, although, with Ms.Tanya’s motivation, I always managed to push myself to finish my work. This program is what you’re looking for as a writer! You must give it a try. 🙂

Parashie Sidhwani_certificate
Parashie Sidhwani on completing all three levels of our writing program

Parashie completed all the three levels – Basic, Intermediary and Advance of our writing program. Here are the articles she wrote during her writing program:

About our writing program student:

Parashie Sidhwani is a Grade 9 student at Oberoi International School, Mumbai. She is greatly passionate about tennis, art, piano, and writing. Although she dreamt of being an astronaut at NASA, she wishes to pursue journalism or architecture in the future. 

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