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The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program – Testimonial by Aarya Menon & Shweta Menon

Testimonial by Aarya Menon

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this writing workshop. It has made me much more confident about my writing. I also learnt about various writing styles and the ones that suit me. I not just learnt about writing, but also about professionalism in work. This workshop has definitely helped build my personality and work attitude. I will surely use the experience in my future and will keep writing:)

Aarya & Shweta Menon
Aarya & Shweta Menon

Testimonial by Shweta Menon

A general talk with Tanya Munshi led me to enrol Aarya for the writing skills program by her. I must say this program has given Aarya a new insight into writing and she started looking at it as a skill :). This program also helped Aarya in not just writing but also in how to go about research, understanding the ethics of writing, and knowing the importance of being punctual and planning. Tanya takes a deep interest in her students and ensures that they do the tasks to perfection. I am so glad that Aarya enrolled for this program. And really looking forward to more such programs from her. Thank you, Tanya.

Articles written by Aarya Menon are:

  1. Basketball – its evolution and why I chose it
  2. The fun side of playing card games
  3. 6 traditional Indian artforms you should know

About our writing program student:

Aarya Menon
Aarya Menon is a Grade XI student from DPS, Undri, Pune. This 16-year-old science student is also an aspiring writer, fond of fine arts and is an avid basketball player.

The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program:
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