One Night in a Train in Europe

One Night in a Train in Europe
One Night in a Train in Europe

Are you planning to travel through Europe especially at night? Here are some travel tips to give you an idea to explore Europe.

Have you thought of traveling by the Cisalpine? This train guarantees one of the most comfortable train journeys with the lowest possible noise decibels. The Cisalpine train connects Northern Italian cities such as Venice, Florence and Milan, including Switzerland. It has a capacity of 475 seats in first and second class, with complimentary newspapers and magazines offered in first class travel. Power sockets are also provided in the first class compartments for those who wish to catch up on work/ contacts back home.

Euro Night Train
Usually these Euro Night trains are more popular. This is because, while you travel at night, by the time you reach a new destination in the morning, you have the entire day to explore. First class sleepers are equipped with berths, wash basin, fresh linens and towels. For the second class sleepers, wash rooms are provided at the end of each car.

Reservation tips

  1. You need to reserve your seats for sleepers or couchettes, especially on all night trains.
  2. You need to book your seats at least 60 days in advance of the date of travel.
  3. Couchettes are equipped with open bunks in a compartment, with a pillow and blanket.
  4. Usually first class accommodation is enough for two people.
  5. Second class accommodation is enough for two to four people, so ideal for a group travel.

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