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National Poetry Month- ‘Before the sun shines’ by Nupur Agrawal

Before the sun shines…

Before the sun shines

As clouds break down
To embrace the earth
In the dreary mess
Like a gift of Zeus
Some restless souls run inside
They watch it rain from the window side
Some rush out and spread their arms
Like a flying bird takes a merry sunbath

The pouring shower suddenly slows down
Floating clouds start moving away
Watching them with hopeful eyes
Sinking hearts urge the sky

Let the cheerful peacocks dance some more
Let thunder be the lone melody around
These naked feet crave for more drops
To get drenched in the scent of the ground

Clothes on the balcony are still a little dry
Verdant hills yearn for a foggy goodbye
The girl on the terrace asks for more time
To feel the wet breeze and relish the monsoon surprise

These tiny pearls on the window pane
Fade away with finger trails
Children watch the muddy puddles
In a wait to hop and play again

Ardent lovers are lost indeed
In the rainy dream of a kiss serene
Dainty leaves long with a sigh
For one last shower
Before the sun shines

Rains are loved by many of us. After the hot summer, it is the rains that we long for. The following poem by Nupur Agrawal, a Jaipur based, Marketing Manager and Social Media Head at

Nupur Agrawal, Jaipur

Pathfynder Solutions, throws light on longing for that one last shower of rain which is slowing down and it is now time for the sun to shine again.

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