National Poetry Month – ‘My old friend’ by Kavita Samuel

Life is so full of happy sunshine…

My old friend

My cup is full and brimming with joy,

There’s nothing more I ask;

Contentment forms the layer of cream,

In your glory, I bask.

Life is so full of happy sunshine,

Feel I have lived wholesome;

To quit at the right time is crucial,

Rather than overstay my welcome.

I invite death with open arms,

And a warm genuine smile;

Instead of being afraid of it,

It feels like an old friend of mine.

How often I must have taken birth,

As often must have died;

I wish to die with a hearty laugh,

For all those times I cried.

O, dear friend of eternal sleep,

Visit me soon in your rat race;

I must receive you with full awareness,

As you cast your cold embrace.

Kavita Samuel, Dharwad

Kavita Samuel, a Karnataka based L.L.M (Criminology) shares her views on death and how one must be ready to accept it with a smile and a hug, just like it is an old friend. We loved how she beautifies something so real as death through the calm beauty and poise of her words.

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One thought on “National Poetry Month – ‘My old friend’ by Kavita Samuel

  • April 19, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Very nice and meaningful. It reminds me of the quote “Sleep is temporary death and Death is permanent sleep “.


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