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National Poetry Month – ‘The Perfect Moonlight’ by Bijal Gala Shah

Under the moonlight, I woke up feeling like a fairy…

The Perfect Moonlight

I woke up to that bright light,

Opened my eyes wide for that radiant sight.

And there I saw a full moon night,

Moonlight peeping from my window – on my bedside.


Thousands of sunlight penetrates in the  afternoon as my guest,

Then with the twilight evenings and purple skies, it fades…

And transforms into a little canvas of nature,

With green hills and human-made concrete culture.


This moonlight was illuminating and pearly,

It was soothing in its enlightening ivory.

The moon was indeed oversized than normal,

A busy city person fails to praise this bestowal.


Unnatural limelight charms him twenty-four by seven,

And the enchanting natural moonlight is left in oblivion.

A soul like me desires this peeping blissful beauty,

It is so soothing and serene even in a city so busy.


Under the moonlight, I woke up feeling like a fairy,

And saw many fairies dancing and rejoicing just like me.

My soul beheld the radiance for hours,

Something that would never sour.


Then I felt it was that Chanda Mama from my childhood,

That popped up slowly in my room and in my mood.

I jogged in my midnight sleep to recollect those tiny days of my life,

Cherishing each memory under that light.


After ages, I could rejoice this beautiful scene,

Red, blue, green and all colours I have always seen.

Though days are full of sonorous rainbows,

The nights are not so dark anymore.


Dead silence spread out that night;

Yet I heard a whisper slight.

It was the free bird that might,

Wish to fly towards the sky for silver-white light.


My dreams are like a flying kite,

It would reach that great height.

It stays for more time; I crave for the moonlight,

So more souls like me could feel just as light.


I’m no more scared of nights,

Full moon nights are my plights.

Captured in the lens of my eyes,

As most camera lenses are lies.

It captures the daylight but fails the moonlight,

Ah! The perfect moonlight…

Bijal Shah, Mumbai

Here’s a beautiful poem called The Perfect Moonlight by Bijal Shah, a Mumbai-based English professor. She’s a writer and a new-mum. The Lifestyle Portal wishes her heartiest congratulations for a baby boy who was born just some hours after she sent us her poetry. Through her poem, she reflects on the aesthetic beauty of night and how the full moonlight not only beautifies the night but takes us back to those wonderful childhood memories of hearing tales about our beloved Chanda Mama.

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