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Winners List ‘What Colour are You’ Contest

The Lifestyle Portal is happy to announce the winners to the ‘What Colour are You’ Contest for the promotion of the Indian English novel ‘Colours in the Spectrum‘ by first time author Jayant Swamy.

We are grateful for the encouraging response we have received for the contest. We look forward to more such promotional events and contests through our website where our valuable readers and followers can participate and win prizes! 🙂

Here’s our list of winners and their winning entries who will each receive a copy of the novel from the author himself. Congratulations and thank you once again for participating! 

[scg_html_choclate] 1st Prize Winner : Shevlin Sebastian from Kochi – Favourite colour – Blue

My favourite colour is blue. Somebody asked my why this is so. I thought about it. Blue, for me, symbolises peace and tranquility. When I go for a swim in our local club and see the aquamarine tiles, I feel a sense of peace descend on me. Blue also signifies the sky: openness, vastness and a feeling of limitlessness. I always wanted to be like the sky: when I love, the giving should be limitless. When I work, I should pour my heart out. The same should be the case in my role as son, parent and friend.

To be limitless is very important, because technology is making us self-obsessed. In Facebook, we are always projecting our selves. Is this good or bad? The writer Gopi Warrier, who lives in London, says that people in Britain have become warped and dehumanised. So, for me, I feel the more I look at the colour blue, the more I will be able to reclaim my humanity.
Blue also reflects my personality. Ninety per cent of the time, I am calm, cool and happy. I rarely have mood swings. I feel that when people look at me, I emit the same feelings I get when I see the colour blue.

[scg_html_choclate] 2nd Prize Winner: Swati Pillai from Mumbai – Favourite colour – White

White. It is my favourite colour n suits me best. like a canvas….white, it allows imagination and creativity. White not only blends well it allows other colours to show their true shine. White is strong and weak both and that is the beauty of this colour n my personality. We hide nothing. There are no shades or tints…it is its own. I am who i am. White is God’s creation and i choose to be white.

[scg_html_choclate] 3rd Prize Winner: Manisha Mehta from Mumbai – Favourite colour – Orange

The colour of fiery sunsets, the colour of flaming Gulmohar trees in summers and the colour of leaves in autumn….yes, my favorite colour is orange.

For me orange color represents energy, zest and a positive vibe. The sight of a gulmohar tree in summer never fails to bring a smile to my face…braving the harsh sun and exploding with color! And I’m sure the sight of yummy saffron (kesar) in cold rasmalai makes your mouth water in this heat as well.

I would highly recommend a dose of orange colour everyday to brighten your life.

Honourable mentions

🙂 Mrinalini Awasthi, from Mumbai – Spectrum of Colours

A Rose…. A rainbow… The light through a prism…

Why are they all eye catching? I think, because they are a change from the monotony. A different view of the same.
A Rose is a flower. But the variety in its kind are seldom found in any other flower.
A rainbow is a splatter of Color, on an otherwise, blue/White sky.
Light is everywhere. But when it passes through a prism/glass, the colors it throws brings a feeling of awe for the viewer.

I am one such unique person in my group sample.

No one Color, I believe, can define or describe me. At times I am as pure as White, at others as dark as black! At yet others, I am as peaceful as green, and no one can control me when I become a riot of colors!!

I hate monotony. And can’t tolerate that even in myself. Maybe that’s why I can’t quite keep myself in the same mode for long. I like to entertain myself. And after a time, I bore myself out.

I think, when you mix all the primary, secondary, tertiary, pastel colors; the end result is a Color called “Nikki”!!

🙂 Dr. Anjonn Dasgupta, from Kolkata – Favourite colour – Blue

My favorte colour is blue. Blue is the colour of sky which is so serene and makes you feel the continuum of earth and space.

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