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Photo Write-Up Contest: 3rd Prize Winner – ‘The Green Dream’

Heartiest congratulations to Lalima Roy Choudhury from Mumbai who has sent us this beautiful write-up with a refreshing photograph. 3rd Prize Winner_Lalima

According to our Sponsor, Naina Dey, “I liked Lalima’s article immensely not only because she has chosen to go ‘green’ but because of the romantic strain in her. I have especially fallen for the ‘balcony’ surrounded by beautiful plants of every kind.”

We second that, going green is a sign of new hopes and a fresh start to life. 

Read Lalima’s write-up here:

‘The Green Dream’ – by Lalima Roy Choudhury

Green was and is the color of my life, be it in the nature , or the color of a favorite saree or in the tricolour. The color is imbedded in my system.

After the first rain when I see tiny grass come out in the road side, it’s always a pleasure; it’s the sign of life.

One day we bought a piece of land in Virar (a distant suburb of Mumbai) with all its greens and it seemed that all my dreams came true. After an hour long drive when you reach the place , it refreshes you with all its greens.

Now I have a dream, a very poetic dream that I have cherished inside me, that I will make a jungle in this green land with all shades of green. For that I started collecting a verity of seeds which will one day make a jungle and then the air will feel with fresh oxygen, we will energize ourselves with fresh air and the greens will give us a better eyesight.

Then came the New year , I wanted to celebrate my jungle theme over there. Already the sunlight made the greens more bright. The hope for creating a jungle seems realistic by viewing the site.

My New Year will definitely achieve the dream of a greener earth. I wish everybody could nurture a dream of making our planet greener – it could be in a small balcony or the garden behind or the road side.

It will surely make us smile longer, because not only the color green I love but the green nature can provide you more fresh and purified air to make us healthier. One day my green dream will roll down from my eyes to everybody ‘s hearts and will create a more greener more healthier planet for our future generations.

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