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Playing the right notes – Neha Chawla

Aarush Mohan interviews his piano teacher, Ms Neha Chawla, about her journey in the world of music. Ms Neha is a piano teacher certified by the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity Boards for Piano and Music Theory. We are sharing with our readers a wonderful conversation between the teacher and the pupil with a hope that you too may enjoy some happy tunes as a hobby!

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How Rainwater Harvesting can save us from water scarcity

Every year, the country witnesses harsh summers and water shortages, yet seldom efforts are taken to come up with a concrete solution. 8th Grader Aarush Mohan, in his latest write-up, talks about how Rainwater Harvesting can be a long-term solution that can help our country battle the water woes. As the monsoons are all set to make an entry, this would be an ideal time for us to adopt and implement rainwater harvesting that can rescue us and our planet in several ways.

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Electric Vehicles – Let’s drive for a cleaner planet

Can Electric Vehicles (EVs) pave the way to a safer planet? 8th Grader Aarush Mohan is all for Electric Vehicles. He feels this would be an answer to the rising air pollution and rising fuel prices, to name a few. As he explores the various facets of Evs’ entry into the Indian market, he is hopeful that very soon, our country will be on the road to a greener and cleaner planet.

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