Little squeezy bottles of refreshing happiness

Beyond Water
Little squeezy bottles of refreshing happiness. Photo Credit: Tanya Munshi

When it is winter, we complain it is too cold. When it is summer, we wish it was cold. When it rains, we wish it is dry. We humans always seem to complain about something, seldom being grateful for the seasons.

And with our ways of living, we’ve regretfully led our planet to become hotter by the day.

Since moving up to North India, like Chandigarh and Delhi, I was introduced to really strong and harsh summers. My heart goes out to people who work during the heat. For people visiting our homes, such as courier or delivery boys and house helps, offering a glass of water or nimbu pani can help ease the heat.

I always seek something healthier and safer for myself, my family and the planet.

In my recent search for something soothing for the summers (I abstain and abhor carbonated beverages to the core), apart from the regular homemade nimbu pani and chaas that I make at home, I was looking at different options for some refreshing beverages. While seeking a healthier alternative, I chanced upon ‘Beyond Water’. Yes, I learned about them on Shark Tank India, which also led to a brand recall value.

I must say, it is a sheer surprise to get refreshing flavours out of these little squeezy bottles.

I picked up their pack of four with these flavours, and I’m floored. A couple of squeezes of the little bottles, and you get a refreshing drink in no time.

However, I really wish there would be an alternative to plastic bottles. My heart pains seeing the River Yamuna reduced to a gutter with toxic fumes and foam as we mindlessly keep adding our garbage into our rivers and landfills.

Initially, I was sceptical about adding anything ‘artificial’ to my water. On careful reading of their ingredients, it is all-natural and 100% sugar-free (however, it has stevia in it, which offers a hint of sweetness and not the overpowering saccharine sugar rush).

If you’re unsure what flavours to opt for, try their Flavour Blast Bundle Pack at a discounted price of Rs. 899 (original price Rs. 1,200) and you won’t be disappointed.

Thumbs up for:

  • What makes Beyond Water unique is that it comes in palm-sized (plastic) bottles that are less than 100ml, so you can carry them with you on your flights, road trips and treks.
  • You get into the habit of drinking more water as you add your preferred flavours to it.
  • There are no artificial colours or synthetic taste enhancers.
  • Their all-natural fruity flavours are absolutely refreshing, worth a try.
  • They have options from Vitamins, Electrolytes, Garnishes, and Cocktail mixes.
  • My personal favourite so far: Mango Peach

Thumbs down for:

  • It comes in a plastic bottle. (While they do mention ‘…we’re effectively consuming 25 times less plastic than you would have in the form of ready-to-drink beverages.’, but still…plastic is still plastic).
  • Hopefully, the price will be more competitive in the near future as it still feels like a premium product for its price.

So if you’re unsure about trying out Beyond Water, by all means, please do.

Please note, this is not a paid promotion. The writer has purchased the products and reviewed it independently.

Tanya Munshi

Contributor: Tanya Munshi

Writing Mentor & Founder of The Lifestyle Portal.

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