Restaurant Review: Someplace Else, Kolkata

Someplace Else is a haven for wannabes, snooty people, women with loud costumes. I am sorry to say, Someplace Else is by far the worst place I have ever visited. Where do I begin from? Their menu card which is a cross between a boomerang and a Frisbee. Come on, being stylish is one thing, but one should know where to draw the line.

The food is overpriced for the paltry portions they offer. The waiters at Someplace Else have their ego and snoot up their sleeves. I am really amazed that in Calcutta, the places that I have visited so far are full of snooty staff  and it makes you wonder, why can’t just people be normal, be human!

There was a live band performance that Thursday night in Someplace Else and they were trying so hard to be cool. Somewhere they lost the connection between their audience and what they were playing.

There were hardly any women in the pub, only two or three who walked in were wearing something what I would call a ‘blast from the past from the ’80s’ .  I am told that Someplace Else WAS once upon a time, one of the best and hottest night clubs in Calcutta, I believe them. But now, they tell me, its no longer that good, and I believe them yet again.

A place gets its reputation, character and style not only from the people who work there, but also with the clientele who visit; and neither of this was good at Someplace Else. I recommend, if at all you are planning to visit Someplace Else in Calcutta, either you skip it or go in a group as you’re going to get thoroughly bored and irritated with the crowd and ambience.

While I was looking at the weapon of a menu card, the waiter came up to our table and turned the plank around for me with a raised eyebrow, as if I didn’t know how to read a menu card. I gave him dagger looks and he immediately apologized as he realized he was trying to act smart.

The so called basket of fries, minus the basket of course came with a few fried onion rings, french fries and some cheese balls. We were fed up by the place and left within an hour of arriving. Someplace Else – can be totally skipped, unless The Park decides to do something positive about it.

My final verdict – a party at home with friends is a much better option than a visit to Someplace Else. In short, Someplace Else is a highly overpriced, snooty and a not-so-happening pub in Calcutta.

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